Will Drug Rehab Work for Me?

Will Drug Rehab Work for Me?

Well, this is a valid question and occurs to nearly everyone who plans to seek treatment. Thus, for your knowledge, let’s take a look at some numbers. 

Several studies show that about 21% of all who completed inpatient treatment are still sober after 5 years. Another 18% who attended outpatient treatment are also sober now and the rest 17% who finished detox managed sobriety for a long time. Now, these might not be so convincing but the success of rehab greatly depends on you. 

You need to be determined to achieve and maintain sobriety. However, there are other factors too that decide the success of rehab. Those factors are: 

  1. Your commitment towards treatment and sobriety 

Your commitment and determination play an important role in deciding the success of rehab. If you have firmly decided to achieve sobriety, then nothing can stop you from doing so. 

  1. Type of treatment chosen 

Rehabs offer different types of treatment for different patients. For example, patients with severe addiction need inpatient or long-term care. Whereas, patients with minor issues can be treated with short-term or outpatient care. Thus, if you choose the wrong treatment, then achieving sobriety might be difficult. 

  1. Quality of care 

Rehabs can also be of many types. You can differentiate them based on the quality of care they offer. Any rehab offering evidence-based therapies, and having qualified staff is more likely to help than others. Thus, choosing the right place with the right treatment is also important. 

  1. Aftercare support 

Treatment does not end after therapies. You need to attend follow-up programs even after you have begun with your routine. This assures you of long-term sobriety. Patients skipping aftercare are seen to relapse some time after rehab. Hence, aftercare programs are strongly recommended. 

In addition to these factors, also the National Institute on Drug Abuse states that individuals who participate in rehab are more likely to remain sober for a long time. They also tend to live a better life as compared to those still struggling with addiction. 

Overall, it can be said that rehab is the key to fighting addiction and living a healthy life. Thus, if you are addicted to substances and need help, approach us at Mallard Lake Detox Center today! 

We serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas. You can visit our rehab or speak to our experts for more details about our treatment programs. Contact us now to schedule an appointment. 

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