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Choosing the best rehab facility seems demanding and challenging, but your successful recovery is your reason for putting effort into seeking the best treatment facility.

There are many treatment facilities across the nation, but not all can live up to their promises. In choosing a recovery center, it is important to use caution. Your recovery is at stake, after all.

Here at Mallard Lake Detox Center, we take pride in our professionalism and availability. We put out patients’ needs first. Our specialists are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and consultations.

Also, our facility is the best and safest facility in Texas. Our rehab center is substance-free to ensure successful and lasting sobriety. And our programs are monitored by our medical team to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Additionally, our staff has extensive experience in the field. They are all experts in their specialization. We only give top-notch care to individuals seeking help.

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Start your recovery journey with a luxury facility and serene environment.

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successful and holistic recovery. Click to know more.

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Our Accommodations

A serene environment accompanied by the best therapies and activities is
proven to speed up the recovery journey. Here are some of our deluxe accommodations.

High-Intensity Interval Training is proven to boost mental health and well-being. We have a contemporary workout facility that motivates people to stay active.
Our facility provides yoga classes. Yoga is proven to boost mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss, and restful sleep in addition to stress management.
Equine Therapy
Equine-assisted therapy effectively develops emotional regulation skills, self-confidence, and responsibility. It is also great for boosting mental health.
Staying active while in recovery is beneficial. It increases awareness and promotes mental health and well-being. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Master Leo will train you to learn self-defense techniques and martial arts.
Commercial Kitchen
Healthy food help the body to have good nutrition. We have an in-house chef that makes gourmet meals.

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The Journey to Sobriety Starts with Alcohol Detox in Austin, Texas

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Getting sober is never easy, But, this is one of the most significant decisions you will ever have to make.

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