What Will My First Day at Rehab Be Like?

What Will My First Day at Rehab Be Like?

Deciding to go to rehab itself is a commendable decision. Hence, you are bound to feel nervous and overwhelmed on the first day. After all, your life is going to change completely after treatment. You will no longer be that addict everyone has been seeing you for so long. However, let us tell you that the process won’t be that simple either. As you have been informed earlier, rehab will come with several ups and downs, but we will fight it together. 

Now, let’s see what your first day at rehab will be like. 

The Intake Process 

Like every other institution, you will undergo an admission or intake process on your first day. As you arrive at the center, you will be assessed to understand your mental and physical health conditions. For this, you will be asked some questions. The answers received at this stage will then determine your treatment plan. Hence, you are advised to be completely honest about everything. 

Be it any underlying disorder or some other health complication, convey it openly to the rehab staff. Also, do not forget to mention any medications if you have been prescribed any. Disclosing every little information regarding your addiction and health will benefit you later in your recovery. 

Searching your Belongings 

We know that this is a bit harsh but it is necessary. Since rehabs do not allow any substances, the staff needs to be sure that you aren’t carrying them. Besides substances, you are also not allowed to carry weapons or other contraband. 

Some rehabs also have strict rules for cell phones and other gadgets. Also, if you are found with any illegal or forbidden items, they will be confiscated upon entry itself. Thus, if you are unsure of what to bring inside rehab, you can always ask the center for a list of items they will allow. 

Settling In 

A day is usually given to new patients to settle in. However, depending on the time of the day you enter, you may be invited for your first therapy session. You will also be provided healthcare support if you are sick. Overall, you will be given all the attention and care needed to settle in. 

A similar routine is followed at Mallard Lake Detox Center. Thus, if you have any queries, you can always consult our professionals. We serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us now to know more! 

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