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Your Cypress Texas drug rehab journey to addiction recovery will be one of your biggest milestones.
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Cypress Texas Luxury Alcohol Rehabilitation & Drug Detox Resort

A Different Approach To Substance Abuse & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Located between Austin & Houston in Hockley, TX, Mallard Lake Detox Center is a Houston drug and alcohol rehabilitation detox facility that focuses on creating the perfect environment for transformation and healing. This remarkable, stunning property offers a sanctuary from the external stressors and encourages connection with self and nature. Mallard Lake’s nature-centered treatment approach was designed to encourage a holistic organic healing from addiction, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.



First coming to mallard I was very scared because I didn’t know what to expect, I actually expected to be stripped of all my belongings and appointed a therapist that would not relate to me. It was the TOTAL OPPOSITE, I thank the staff for going ABOVE AND BEYOND for me. I’m on day 54 of recovery and I plan on staying for as long as my insurance will allow. They literally welcomed me on my first day and treated me like family. The nurses were wonderful, the only negative I have is that they have a personal chef, chef Gregory cooks an amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the negative is WEIGHT GAIN 🤣🤣but they also have a gym and offer jujitsu and yoga for those who are into working out ( i wasn’t)!! They also encourage you daily and offer activities for you to keep you out of that isolated state. I will ALWAYS be thankful for my experience at mallard I was NOT always a pleasant client but the patience and genuine care they had for me I will NEVER FORGET. Thank you guys so much. I highly recommend if you’re having issues with drug usage or alcohol this is the place to go!! No complaints at all. The RITZ CARLTON of rehab facilities

Melissa Cook

This facility has a lot of potential to be great with the right management but unfortunately that’s not the case. Gregory the new Director of Nursing is very unprofessional and clueless about his job. He makes mockery of the clients conditions, make assumptions that they fake their symptoms and terms them “drug seekers “ when they request for medication to ease their detox process. As a nurse, it’s disturbing to hear these kind of assumptions made in the absence of the clients by a health care professional who is put in place to care for these clients rather than judge them. Hopefully change is on the way and this facility can regain its reputation of being a great detox center.

Adriiana Jackson

No person or place is perfect, but this place looks a lot like paradise. If you look for the negatives you will find them; if your attitude towards recovery is negative then then no matter how great this place actually is you won’t see it. The amount of therapeutic activities that there are beats any recovery place you might find in the United States. Mallard Lake is TOP TIER! Come in with openness and honesty; ask questions about your medication and even refuse them if they make you feel worse. Understand that you can be herd here, but also understand that staff is doing their best to help you if you let them and communicate honestly. Your own attitude makes or breaks you in this place, so if sobriety, recovery, a peace of mind, relaxation, and GREAT FOOD is what you’re loving for Mallard Lake is the PERFECT place to come!

Gregory Montelaro

Amazing staff with a special shout out to the nursing staff. These guys really care and go the extra mile to make sure you have all the tools you need for your recovery. Gourmet meals, yoga, equine therapy, fishing, tennis courts, beautiful pool, full gym, basketball court… it’s all focused on you.

Chris West

Such a great facility it really makes you at home almost like being at a resort state of the art food, great people, and a lot of fun activities not to mention the state of the art fitness facility for all you fitness fanatics there’s equine therapy and a pond to fish out of and lots more. Each room has its own tv, food and drinks when you like and great staff that are there to help with whatever you can possibly throw at them.



High Intensity Interval Training at our state of the art workout facility. HIIT is proven to boost mental health and improves mood and wellbeing.


Our campus features yoga classes designed to relieve stress, increase body awareness, reduce muscle tension, while calming and centering the nervous system.

Equine Therapy

Proven to be effective in treating mental health and assist in addiction recovery, equine assisted therapy helps develop skills in emotional regulation, self confidence, and responsibility.

Jiu Jitsu

Come train with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Leo as he utilizes self defense techniques and martial arts to help control emotions and mental wellbeing. 

Commercial Kitchen

Gourmet meals are created in our restaurant grade commercial kitchen to satisfy your appetite.

Our Programs

Effective Programs Tailored To Your Needs

Traditional Methods of Substance Abuse Detox/Rehab in a Relaxing Resort Setting

Our Testimonials

Abe Garcia

“This place is awesome!!!! It was my first rehab/recovery center, but I can’t imagine a better place to relax and get help. The staff is very knowledgeable in all their duties. The counselors make the group sessions fun and interesting with games, facts, sharing, and general life experiences.”

Ryan White

“This center’s approach is holistic so the access to various activities helped me clear my head and allowed me to get to the root of my addictions. You will not be bored as they always have something that clients can do. On the weekends, they took us out to different places to engage in fun activities like art classes and beach trips. Being near the water and doing these activities made it very peaceful and serene and allowed us clients to have some fun while working on sobriety.”

Ava Walsh

“There is always someone to talk to and they really care about your well being. The amenities are great, food is wonderful. Staff is the best I couldn’t have chose a better place to change my life.”

John Heider

“Mallard Lake saved my life and helped me turn everything around. The staff and residents I met were remarkable from my 1st call with my admissions counselor (Court) to the nurses and techs. I couldn’t be more grateful for you all! I love each of you dearly and could never thank you enough for the help you have given me. God bless you.”
Medical Leave Act

Our Staff & Doctors work with your employer to insure your employment will not be terminated in the event that you seek treatment and are admitted to Mallard Lake Ranch Detox Center through the Family Medical Leave Act & The Medical Leave Act. Our treatments are successful and after completion you will return back to your life.

About Cypress, TX

The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD, often referred to as Cy-Fair) is an independent school district with its headquarters in northwest unincorporated Harris County, Texas, United States. Cy-Fair ISD is the largest Recognized school district in the state of Texas with 75 out of 78 campuses receiving an 'Exemplary' or 'Recognized' rating by the Texas Education Agency in 2010.The district covers a small portion of Houston (including the Fairbanks section), the city of Jersey Village, and other unincorporated areas in Harris County (including Cypress). The district covers 186 square miles (480 km2) of land.Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is part of the taxation base for Lone Star College System (formerly North Harris Montgomery Community College District).As of August 2020, the district had 92 general-purpose campuses (fifty-six elementary schools, nineteen middle schools, thirteen high schools, and four special program facilities).[1] == History == The first official classes in the area were held in a church. However, in 1884, local residents built a one-room house on donated land. In 1939, an election was held in which voters in the Cypress and Fairbanks school systems approved the creation of the Cypress-Fairbanks Consolidated School District; the measure passed by a vote of 129-66 in Cypress and 90-87 in Fairbanks.The two individuals most frequently credited for the creation of Cypress-Fairbanks Consolidated School District (CSD was changed to ISD in the early 1960s) were Trustee J. F. Bane, of the Fairbanks school system, and Superintendent E. A. Millsap (1932-1942), of the Cypress school system.Since 2006, Children at Risk, a non-profit organisation based in Houston, publishes its "Annual School Rankings" which ranks Houston metropolitan area schools using a formula going beyond the state’s school accountability system, using traditional indicators such as whether students passed state exams, drop-out and graduation rates along with less commonly used indicators such as counseling and poverty intervention. In 2012, Children at Risk evaluated and ranked 150 high schools in the greater Houston area and 8 CyFair-ISD high schools (out of a total of 10) appeared in the rankings. Additionally, Cypress Ridge High School ranked fifth among Greater Houston’s Best Urban, Comprehensive High Schools. == Statistics == By the 2006-2007 school year, the district was the third largest in Texas with more than 70 campuses and 100,603 students.In the 2010-2011 school year the district had over 106,000 students. Of them, 42.5% were Hispanic, 31% were White, 15.5% were Black, 8% were Asian, and others included Native Americans and people of two or more races.In the 2017-2018 school year, district enrollment reached 116,138 students. == Transportation == In 2009, in the midst of budget deficits caused by decreased state funding, the board voted to only have school bus services for a resident who lives more than two miles from his or her school, as opposed to having service for residents living more than one mile away.

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