Understanding Whether Alcohol is a Stimulant or a Depressant

Understanding Whether Alcohol is a Stimulant or a Depressant

A drink after a long day at work can make you feel calm. Or if you want to enjoy the night after a boring day, a bottle or two can make you feel energized. There is no denying that people are drinking alcohol because of its effects on the body.

Drinking alcohol can make you feel happy, energetic, spirited, and courageous. But it can also make you feel relaxed, calm, sleepy, and at peace. From these effects, addictive substances are categorized. But where does alcohol fall?

As a matter of fact, alcohol is actually a depressant. Read further to know why.

What Are Stimulants?

Stimulants are also called uppers. Stimulants are a class of drugs that affects the central nervous system. It makes the signals from the brain to the body speed up. They can increase alertness, confidence, and energy.

Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, and cocaine are often abused because of their effects. People believe that alcohol is a stimulant because it makes them active, but they are mistaken, alcohol is a depressant.

What Are Depressants?

Depressants are the opposite of stimulants. They also affect the central nervous system but instead of speeding it up, depressants slow down the signals from the brain to the body. They affect the concentration, response time, and coordination of a person under it.

In small doses, they can calm the body and lower inhibitions. But in large doses, they can cause drowsiness, vomiting, unconsciousness, or even death. Common depressants are alcohol, benzos, and heroin.

Alcohol Addiction

Whether you consume alcohol to feel energized or to feel relaxed, excessive and constant drinking can lead to alcohol abuse disorder or alcohol addiction. If you develop AUD you will be unable to refrain from or stop consuming alcohol.

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