Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Famous People Who Were Born With It

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Famous People Who Were Born With It

Did you know that heavy alcohol consumption while pregnant can significantly affect the child inside the womb? You read that right and it is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or FAS.

FAS is a condition of people who are exposed to heavy alcohol consumption by their mothers during pregnancy.

Although many believe that alcohol during pregnancy does not affect their child, the signs and symptoms only show when their child is born. Intellectual ability issues and brain damage are two major effects of heavy alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

FAS does not spare anyone. Even famous people like celebrities can have it. In this article, we list down some celebrities who have FAS.

Famous People With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Celebrities are often regarded as living a glamorous, ideal, and perfect life. Often, celebrities have struggles that audiences do not see

 Celebrities are also human, they also experience conditions like FAS – here are some of them:

Bernie Sanders

Sanders is a politician and activist. He represented the US for Vermont from 1991 to 2007. His FAS was recognized because of his lack of impulse control, small eyes, and poor social skills.

He is an example of how real FAS is. It is why he supports FAS organizations and funds alcohol treatment centers. He also encourages his supporters to get help, especially if they are pregnant and suffering from alcoholism.

Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix is an actor, producer, and activist. He is known to play roles that are dark and unconventional. He was born in a religious family, but with a mother suffering from heavy alcohol consumption. He also has FAS.

When you look at him closely, you will notice a faint scar from his mouth to his nose, it is a microform cleft lip that occurred during early pregnancy. We see him as a successful person now, but he was also exposed to the negative effects of alcoholism.

Reese Witherspoon

Who would forget the actress in Legally Blonde?Reese Witherspoon is also one of the celebrities with FAS.

Although it is not apparent from his acting skills, Witherspoon has thin lips, a malformed skull, and learning difficulties, which are all classic signs of FAS. But it does not hinder her to achieve what he has now.

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