Social Media Influencers Who Should Influence Your Recovery

Social Media Influencers Who Should Influence Your Recovery

Social media is really a necessity nowadays. Although it has negative impacts on others, it also offers many positive influences. Organizations that provide humanitarian support, communities that support mental health advocacy, influencers that help others remotely through their life teachings, etc.

These are some of the positive reasons why social media is a huge help in dealing with today’s major societal issues.

Unquestionably, major social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok has helped many people who struggle with substance abuse.

A click away can save lives and start a recovery journey. It is why influencers have the power to change lives because of their massive social media following.

Here are some sober influencers that you should follow if you are starting recovery or want to achieve a sober life.

Annie Grace (@thisnakedmind)

The youngest Vice President in a multinational company, who depended her life on two bottles of wine every night. Although she is not diagnosed with alcoholism, she knew that she needed to stop her alcohol problem.

After a few years of struggle, she wrote two books discussing alcoholism and how to effectively manage one’s drinking problem. She wrote This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment.

Kate and Mandy (@lovesober.cic)

Kate and Mandy provide guides on how to quit drinking while achieving their goals. You can see their tips and guides on their social media platforms or you can listen to their podcast called “Love Sober”.

Russel Brand (@russellbrand)

Substance and alcohol abuse are not surprising for Hollywood stars. Russel Brand is one of the Hollywood actors who bravely admits and battles his substance and alcohol abuse. He is now known not only for his acting but also for his support and advocacy for the sober community.

He wrote the book Recovery: Freedom From Our Addiction.

Carly Benson (@carlybbenson)

Carly Benson is a certified holistic recovery coach, international speaker, yoga instructor, and sober Instagram superstar who offers her support to the community using her 12-year recovery journey from alcohol and cocaine addiction.

She offers advice and resources to those people who are in recovery.

Laura McKowen (@laura_mckowen)

Laura McKowen started her sober lifestyle in September 2014. She did not touch any substances ever since. Today, she uses her platforms to help people that need support. She also wrote We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic Of A Sober Life and hosted the podcast called “Tell Me Something True“.

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