The Real Effects of Alcoholism on Your Partner and Children

The Real Effects of Alcoholism on Your Partner and Children

Alcoholism really affects people, not only the user but also the people around them. There is no arguing when we say that the most affected are the spouses or the partners, and the children.

Although the effects of alcoholism do not show immediately, when it reveals itself, it is a full-blown hostile effect on the family.

The Effects of Alcoholism on Your Spouse or Partner

Sometimes, spouses or partners do not show the real effect of their partner’s alcoholism to save face or show their strength. Here are the major ones.


Even a close relationship can be broken by alcohol. When people start to abuse alcohol, their partners are slowly getting lonely. The more time users spend drinking, the more lonely their partners feel. An alcoholic person does not think clearly and is often unaware that they are neglecting their or partner.


Alcohol abuse disorder can put a lot of stress not only on the users but on their partners. AUD can cost people their job, and the burden will fall on their partners.


It is normal to become angry toward someone who prioritizes alcohol over family. Over time, this anger can become resentment which can lead to a broken family.

The Effects of Alcoholism on Your Children

Alcoholism also affects children of different ages. Not addressing it early can cause major issues in the future. Here are some of the effects of alcoholism on children.


Children require quality time from their parents. When their parents start to neglect them of alcohol, the feeling of abandonment will surely follow, no matter the age.

Social Difficulties

Children who have parents with AUD are more likely to develop low self-esteem, anxiety, and anger. Abuse is very rampant in a household with parents suffering from AUD. This abuse can lead to social difficulties.

Attachment Issues

Research shows that children with alcoholic parents tend to have attachment issues when they become adults. It can also lead to a broken family or even a cycle of AUD if not addressed early.

Risk of Substance Abuse

A big percentage of people with substance abuse disorder are from a household with the same problem. Most times, children use substances to cope with their family issues.

Failing at School

There is no denying that a neglected child will not be motivated to attend or perform in school. This is why if a child does not feel loved inside their home, they will likely lose motivation in life.

Alcohol Rehab in Dallas, Texas

If your partner suffers from alcoholism, the best option is to seek help before it is too late. You can rely on Mallard Lake Detox Center for a successful recovery.

We have the best Alcohol Addiction Treatment programs that include family therapy, which can help all of you to heal together.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Alcoholism is treatable. Visit our rehab center near Dallas, Texas, or call us!

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