Three of the Most Common Substances Abused by Most Elderly Three of the Most Common Substances Abused by Most Elderly

Three of the Most Common Substances Abused by Most Elderly Three of the Most Common Substances Abused by Most Elderly

On one of the researches done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it’s said that approximately 1,000,000 adults who are aged over 65 years old have a substance use disorder.

This might sound like terrible statistics, but the numbers are accurate.

While aging may lead to physical, mental, and even social challenges, these factors don’t decrease the risk of developing some sort of drug addiction. Especially since older people might metabolize substances slower than those younger than them, this means that their brains and their bodies might be a bit more sensitive to drugs.

According to the same studies, there are three most common substances abused by most elderly. These are the following:

  1. Nicotine

The nicotine that can often be found in cigarettes can be highly addictive, especially for older adults who have been smoking for a long time. The act of smoking for adults is quite terrible, as it increases their risk of developing lunch diseases, dementia, heart diseases, and even cancer.

  1. Alcohol

Another substance most used by adults is none other than alcohol, as 65% of adults over 65 years old have high-risk drinking behaviors like binge drinking. Not only can alcohol make you drunk, but it gives most adults a risk of getting congestive heart failure, liver problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

  1. Marijuana

While marijuana can sometimes be prescribed for medical use, some use it as a recreational drug outside their prescribed dosage. Once used as the latter, marijuana may cause dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, and blurred vision on those who take them.

No matter what age, people can still get addicted to substances. This is why it’s essential to monitor their health, progress, and medication. Especially since older people are more susceptible to health problems and maybe even death.

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