Are Luxury Rehabs Worth Your Time and Money?

Are Luxury Rehabs Worth Your Time and Money?

Since drug usage has been on the rise, different types of rehab centers are opening up around the country. However, these places do not feel like the usual traditional rehab center. They pride themselves on offering a luxury experience where your journey towards sobriety is marked by comfort. 

Addiction can prove to be a ringer to your body. It may take several weeks to recover and the way to sobriety is daunting. Nevertheless, the environment offered by a luxury rehab can be just the right medicine to get your body back on track. 

What is Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab contains all the necessary medical and therapeutic facilities along with a whole lot of luxury. It offers the patient with beautiful surroundings, exceptional food and activities that you would only find in an expensive vacation. 

So, you might be wondering what are the different luxuries that are offered in a luxury rehab? As we said earlier, it feels like a vacation and the services offered by the rehab center resemble that of a resort. They get access to high-level swimming pools, massages, saunas and the company of animals such as horses. Several of these therapy centers are located in exotic vacationing places. 

Luxury Rehab: Is it worth it?

So, let us look at whether expending $40-80k a month on treating your addiction is worth it or not. It may seem that such expenditures lack foundation as the end result should be sobriety, However, a luxury rehab center offers much more than luxury. It is a place designed to smoothen your transition:

  • Privacy: There is a reason that important businessmen and celebrities opt for a luxury rehab center. It offers the perfect level of privacy where you can recover without any outside interference. 
  • Individualized Attention: Every person is different and their addiction also tends to differ. Hence, sometimes it requires individual attention, which is not a possibility in a traditional therapy environment. But, in a luxury therapy center, the patient-therapist ratio is low, which allows individual attention on one person. 
  • Comfort: As was clarified earlier, the journey to sobriety is a one marked with hurdles. However, the comfort offered by a luxury rehab center makes it a lot easier. The massages, acupuncture, environment, and food contribute to your journey culminating into a successful one. 
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