Missing Home In Rehab: How To Cope?

Missing Home In Rehab: How To Cope?

Choosing to be admitted in a rehab itself is a tough decision and if one chooses a center which makes them homesick, it becomes a lot more difficult to continue the treatment. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect rehab center which does not make them uncomfortable. 

Why do people get homesick in rehab?

Feeling homesick in a rehab is a common symptom and one of the major reasons behind discontinuing the treatment. Patients with severe addictions are admitted to residential rehab centers where they are not allowed to visit their beloved ones as per their wish. It makes them homesick for reasons like:

  • Leaving comfort zone and old habits 
  • Difficult to control mind to not crave for addictive substances 
  • New routine and limited access to the world outside

Feeling homesick is common but not something which could be left unaddressed. If not attended on time, it can bring negative results to the treatment. 

Side effects

Feeling homesick can also lead to side effects like withdrawal symptoms and mental health problems making it even more difficult to be treated in the right way. Patients often feel that they would be able to get sober in comfortable environments like their home but ignore the chances of relapse as then they would have no one to stop them from taking addictive substances again. 

Also, severe homesickness can affect emotional, physical and psychological well being of the patient. This can further lead to problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia and loss of appetite hindering the treatment process. 



Residential Rehab Despite Homesickness?

It is tough to get through the entire residential rehab treatment without feeling homesick. But it is important to stick to it and get better. One can not be treated at home as they would have a familiar environment which could attract you to addiction again. Therefore, to recover fully, one needs to be dedicated and has to go through the process as that’s the right thing to do. 

Coping Up With Homesickness

There are several ways to cope up with homesickness at a rehab center. Apart from talking about it to the counselor, therapist or treatment provider, one can: 

  • Call and write home whenever possible
  • Bring something that reminds of home
  • Be positive and focus on recovery

Dealing With Homesickness

One should choose a comfortable rehab center for treatment. A perfect rehab center could be the one which assures you of overall recovery. It should also be welcoming, safe and comfortable as one will feel vulnerable at times during the treatment. The staff should also be supportive. 

One of the best ways to deal with homesickness is to stay positive at all times. Even the patient knows the treatment is not going to last their entire life and soon they will be back with their families. Seeing the good side of it helps the best. 

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