Intensive Outpatient Programs For Substance Abuse

Intensive Outpatient Programs For Substance Abuse

Several reports and stats are a testimonial to the fact that there is a substance abuse problem in our society. When a person with a substance abuse problem comes to the realization that they need to recover, one option for help is to attend an intensive outpatient program. 

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

IOPs are specifically curated programs designed to help an individual dealing with a substance abuse problem. People who attend IOPs will visit a treatment center several days a week. Generally speaking, IOPs have 9 hours or more of structured programming each week. 90 days is the minimum duration that is recommended for participation in an IOP.

What to Expect in IOPs for Substance Abuse?

Prior to attending an IOP, it is essential that a person has a clean system and a clear head. The participant will start with an assessment at the beginning of an IOP. After the completion of the assessment, the patient will then meet with a therapist who will share an individualized recovery program. Group therapy is the primary component of most intensive outpatient programs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The use of CBT is widely used in dealing with substance abuse. The primary goal of CBT sessions is to improve one’s mental health. This herculean task is accomplished by changing cognitive behaviors through the development of coping strategies to address their triggers.

Sessions to Identify Motivation

Motivational interviewing is another common type of therapy received in IPOs. These sessions are scheduled with professional therapists who help a participant understand why they hesitate to receive treatment and work through it.

Use of Matrix Model

The matrix model is primarily used for those people who have developed addiction problems with stimulant drugs such as cocaine. With the matrix model, a strong relationship between the client and therapist is established.

Groups in an IOP

Meeting in groups is a primary approach to intensive outpatient program treatments. Group sessions help in developing a strong support system for individuals who are in similar situations. Co-dependency support groups, family groups, process groups, and skill-building are some groups that are commonly found in IOPs.

Reach Out To A Professional Addiction Recovery Center

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