Looking Forward To Life Without Alcohol

Looking Forward To Life Without Alcohol

We have not known a lifestyle that doesn’t include alcohol, especially if you are a socialized person where attending events and parties include drinking. Having a healthy social life that doesn’t include alcohol is possible by completing your treatment program.  

Boredom and loneliness are one of the common triggers for alcohol use and relapse. To avoid this from happening, you need to adjust your daily activities to occupy your time. Here are some of the habits you can create to have a new and better normal life.

How Alcohol Alters Your Brain Chemistry

Alcohol affects your brain as soon as it enters your bloodstream. Alcohol creates some temporary effects on the brain within a short period of time, which are as follows:

  • Memory loss
  • Drowsiness
  • Changes in energy level
  • Diminishment of inhibition
  • Memory forming problems
  • Reduction in organization and planning ability
  • Mood changes and problems with concentration
  • Loss of motor control including delayed reflexes

A moderate level of alcohol consumption can cause these effects. Whereas, drinking frequently can impair your liver’s ability to filter alcohol out of your system, leading to alcohol overdose. Here are some of the symptoms caused by alcohol overdose: 

  • fainting
  • Slowing down of heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Inability to stay awake
  • Vomiting
  • Gag reflect changes that increase the possibility of choking on vomit
  • Skin is clammy

Alcohol overdose if not treated can also cause permanent brain damage.

Back to Normal: What it’s Like

Benefits of a life without alcohol include the ability to make decisions, learn new things, think creatively and control weight. It will give you an opportunity to rebuild your relationships and form new connections.

Habits You Can Enjoy Without Alcohol


  • Learn new forms of dance like salsa or tap-dancing
  • Find a new favourite show, or binge-watch an old favourite
  • Go to an art exhibit

Sports and Fitness

  • Start doing yoga or meditation
  • Go on bike rides to some unknown locations
  • Get a gym membership and make sure you really go.
  • Get marathon training


  • Go fishing
  • Visit a national park
  • Gather a few friends and go hiking
  • Go on a weekend camping trip and witness the beautiful nature.

Build on your Relationships

  • Go grocery shopping with your partner
  • Go on a road trip with friends
  • Make a surprise visit to someone you haven’t seen in a while (maybe grandma’s house)
  • Make plans to hang out with siblings and parents

Learning and Growth

  • Learn to bake or take up gardening
  • Volunteer for a non-profit organization
  • Meet with a recovery group on a regular basis

To live a sober life won’t be easy. You have to try bringing out the best in yourself and learn to support people who are doing the same. 

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