Intensive Outpatient Program Benefits

Intensive Outpatient Program Benefits

When you or a loved one are about to choose an outpatient or inpatient recovery program, it is essential to understand the benefits and parameters of both programs. An inpatient recovery program requires the participant to stay in a facility during the early stages of recovery. An intensive outpatient program may be a better fit for people with commitments to family and work.

Top Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programs

An IOP is a type of rehab option curated for those people with an addiction problem who may also need to maintain other responsibilities. As in most outpatient programs, detox or medical supervision isn’t required. IOPs don’t require participants to stay at the facility while undergoing treatment. Here are a few benefits that IOPs provide:

Ability to Support Your Family

By attending an outpatient program, the household responsibilities that an individual may have can be maintained. This is especially helpful for people with young children that need supervision and care. There are also those who have to continue working while receiving treatment or those who have demanding jobs who can benefit from this option.

Getting Help From Family and Friends

Isolation is one of the biggest threats to overcoming an addiction. An inpatient program may be a favorable choice if you have a strong family and friend network that you can lean on during this time. This provides access to the best of both worlds, having a support network of friends and family at home and among the outpatient community.

Retaining Privacy

The shame and embarrassment of admitting an addiction is a major hindrance in the path to recovery. Attending an IOP that allows you to continue many of your day-to-day activities so your privacy is retained. Participants don’t have to explain their absence from work, school, or other activities.

Low Cost Compared To Alternatives

IOPs are more expensive than the cost of attending an outpatient treatment program. It simply may not be feasible to afford the cost of the outpatient treatment program which will also include associated costs for child care and possible income loss during that time. 

Continued Attendance Of School and Work

Uprooting your life for several weeks to attend an IOP is not feasible for everyone. An IOP provides flexibility in this department. Continuing to go to school or work can provide a necessary, healthy outlet for many during intensive work on recovery.

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