Identifying The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction In Your Child

Identifying The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction In Your Child

Alcohol addiction is an unpleasant feeling, especially if any of your loved ones have it. Several teenagers and adolescents are addicted to alcohol. Even your child can be one of them. Here are some ways which can help you identify your child’s alcohol addiction.

If They Have Friends Who Drink  

Friends greatly influence a child, especially when they are in a growing stage. Their habits affect each other in the circle and if even a few of them are on the wrong track such as drinking alcohol, your child can be at risk of developing this bad habit. 

Constant Mood Changes 

Mood swings are a common symptom of alcohol addiction. If you observe mood changes like anger, irritation, depression, or anxiety, it’s an alarm. 

This happens due to the reaction between alcohol and the user’s brain. If you spot any of these mood changes frequently in your child, they might be doing something wrong. 

Weak Memory And Concentration Skills

Excessive use of alcohol can damage the brain cells leading to memory loss and lack of concentration abilities. These don’t show up until the next day after the last intake. But continuous consumption can make these signs prominent which can last for a longer time. 

Slurred Speech, Bloodshot Eyes, And Coordination Issues 

These three are the commonly observed symptoms in an alcoholic. Alcohol affects the brain’s ability to coordinate the actions with the body, hence, a drunk person will often seem clumsy with slurred speech. You may also observe a reddish tint in your child’s eye if they’re drunk as the alcohol dilates the blood vessels which can be prominently seen in the eyes. 

Running Away From Responsibilities 

If you observe your child has lately begun to perform poorly at school or work, then it’s a sign that there’s something wrong. People with excellent work records also end up spoiling it when under the influence of alcohol. They also tend to neglect their usual responsibilities and prioritize alcohol over everything. 

Forgetting Previous Interests 

If your child used to be interested in activities like sports, music, dance, art, etc., and has suddenly stopped practicing them without any strong reason, it’s a sign that they’re giving into an addiction rather than their passions. 

These are some of the signs commonly observed in a person who regularly consumes alcohol. If you spot any of these, talk to your child and convince them to go to alcohol rehab. This is especially necessary if your child is an underage drinker. Underage drinking poses more health risks than anyone who begins drinking after 21. 

If your child needs help, come to Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas. We will help your child with alcohol detox and provide necessary treatments and therapies. Contact us now to book an appointment. 

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