Symptoms Of Alcohol Withdrawal Among Teens And Young Adults 

Symptoms Of Alcohol Withdrawal Among Teens And Young Adults 

Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD is becoming a common problem these days. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported that more than 14 million citizens aged 12 and above suffered from this issue of AUD. Out of these, more than 400,000 are adolescents aging between 12 and 17 years. 

Alcohol abuse is extremely bad for health, especially if the user is a teen or young adult. If you know anyone who is an underage drinker, convince them to seek help from a rehab center. The initial stages of the process will be slightly difficult to go through due to the withdrawal symptoms but it will be helpful in the longer run. 

Symptoms Of Alcohol Withdrawal 

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are the signs displayed by the body and brain indicating the absence of alcohol in its system. These can be noticed in a chronic drinker. Withdrawal symptoms are temporary but extremely difficult to go through alone. Here are some of the prominent signs of withdrawal observed in teens and adolescents detoxing from alcohol. 

Distorted And Blurry Vision 

Alcohol makes the pupils dilate and function at a slower rate than usual. This reduces the eye’s ability to adjust to brightness and shadows. Hence, it becomes difficult for anyone experiencing withdrawal symptoms to adjust to the lighting changes. 


There’s often a misconception about alcohol and its ability to put the user to sleep. Alcohol disrupts the sleeping cycle. Hence, anyone detoxing on alcohol can take time to adjust to the normal sleeping cycle.


Continuous drinking can lead to reduced blood sugar levels. This can further complicate the normal functioning of the brain causing seizures. 


Anxiety attacks are a common symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol increases your heart rate and reduces blood sugar levels leading you to experience anxiety and panic attacks. 


Alcohol enlarges the blood vessels on the skin and increases the heart rate. This results in too much perspiration or sweating.  

Stomach Problems 

The stomach produces higher amounts of stomach acid due to alcohol present in the system. This can lead to developing stomach problems like nausea, internal bleeding, gastritis, ulcers, and even stomach cancer. 

Poor Decision Making 

Alcohol is an enemy of the brain and disrupts its important areas which are responsible for decision making and handling other body functions. It highly affects the limbic system, cerebral cortex, and cerebellum reducing the decision-making capabilities and other abilities. 

All these symptoms result in the poor physical and mental health of teens and adolescents. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from alcohol and other addictive substances before the age of 21. 
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