Duration Of Alcohol Detox And Withdrawal Symptoms

Duration Of Alcohol Detox And Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you have realized that you are addicted to alcohol and wish to get it treated, the next step you have to follow is to choose the right rehab center. You can come to Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas. While enrolling in an alcohol detox program, the first question that will pop up in your head will be, “how long will this detox last?” 

Well, the simple answer to this question is, that there is no specific time duration for completing an alcohol detox. It is affected by various factors and all of them are different for every individual. 

Undergoing Alcohol Detox

The process of alcohol detox begins with stopping the consumption of alcohol. The main aim of detox is to free your entire system of all the alcoholic toxins which have been there for a long. During this process, the patient experiences certain withdrawal symptoms. These are the signs that the mind and body portray indicating the absence of the substance. 

This process might seem easy at first glance, but it isn’t. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms itself is extremely difficult. Therefore, if you are planning to detox on your own at home, then drop the idea and think of enrolling at a rehab center. Here, experts can take care of you while you go through the withdrawal symptoms. 

Signs Indicating The Need For Alcohol Detox

There can be various signs indicating the need for alcohol detox, but the major ones are anxiety and depression. If you have been consuming too much alcohol and feel depressed and anxious most of the time, it’s a sign that you need to change this habit. Join a rehab and begin alcohol detox before several other issues arise. 

Duration Of Alcohol Detox

However, there is no specific time duration common for all patients, the withdrawal symptoms begin to surface after about 24 hours of commencing the detox. These symptoms can last up to 72 hours to weeks depending on every patient. This time duration greatly depends on the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption. 

This is known as the acute withdrawal stage where the patients are vulnerable to the risk of relapse. 

Factors Affecting The Detox Process 

There can be a variety of factors that affect the detox process. These factors are:

  • Amount of alcohol consumed.
  • Duration of consumption. 
  • Weight 
  • Age 
  • Current diet and food habits 
  • Combination of other substances taken with alcohol.

Begin Alcohol Detox Today!

If you wish to overcome your alcohol addiction, then begin the detox process today. Enroll in our detox program at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas. With a supportive staff, the detox process will begin and end with ease and in no time, you will be free of all the toxins. Contact our center now and begin your alcohol detox today! 

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