How can you Determine the Success Rates of a Rehab?

How can you Determine the Success Rates of a Rehab?

Addiction is a complex disease and needs utmost care to overcome. Therefore, the first thought that strikes our minds before going to a rehab is “How successful will the treatment be?” or “What have been the success rates of the particular rehab?” 

These are two of the most valid questions that can occur to your mind. Knowing the success rates of rehab is extremely necessary before planning to seek treatment. Here’s how you can know the rate of success of any particular rehab. 

Knowing the Success Rates of a Rehab

There are numerous rehabs in the country claiming to be 100% successful. However, not each one of them can fulfill it. A rehab’s success rate can be determined by the kinds of therapies and treatments they offer, the duration of the programs, and the aftercare facility. 

An ideal rehab should offer a variety of treatment programs such as inpatient, outpatient, medically-assisted detox, continued care after detox, etc. They should also offer a variety of stay options, for example, 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day.

Apart from these, a rehab’s actual success rate can also be governed by these factors:

  • Their ability to help you reduce cravings 
  • Improvement in your mental and physical health 
  • Improvement in social and legal status 
  • Offering better employment opportunities 
  • Offering continued support and services 
  • Access to long-term recovery 
  • Buidling a network of support with peers and mentors 

You can look for the patient-staff ratio for better decisions. If the number of patients seems fairly more than the number of staff, then you might want to strike off that rehab facility from your list. 

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