How are Traditional and Luxury Rehabs Different?

How are Traditional and Luxury Rehabs Different?

Are you planning to receive addiction treatment? If yes, then it is a commendable decision. However, a bigger decision is yet to be made on whether to go to a traditional rehab or a luxury rehab. 

Both traditional and luxury rehabs are effective in their ways. However, they still differ on their terms. Thus, to help you make an informed decision, let us go through the qualities of traditional and luxury rehabs. 

Qualities of a Traditional Rehab

A traditional rehab is just as effective as a luxury rehab. However, the only difference is the amenities offered. Here is what you can expect at a traditional rehab:

  1. Access to addiction specialists 

At a traditional rehab, you also have access to addiction specialists. These are qualified professionals working in the field of addiction treatment. They will help you throughout your recovery journey and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

  1. Therapy sessions 

A traditional rehab also offers a range of therapies like personal, group, family, meditation, music, massage, and many more. These add up to your mental and physical healing. 

  1. Inpatient treatment 

This form of treatment will keep you away from all distractions and allow you to solely focus on your recovery. The chances of relapse are also minimized under this program. 

Qualities of a Luxury Rehab 

Luxury rehab offers all the above-mentioned treatments and therapies. However, these rehabs are still different in terms of their quality and other features. 

  1. Therapies and treatments 

A luxury rehab offers all the essential therapies and treatments along with a few others like holistic treatment, dual diagnosis, family treatment program, etc. 

  1. Location of the rehab 

A luxury rehab is often located in areas like amidst woods, besides a lake or in a valley. The purpose is to be surrounded by nature and heal in a pure environment. 

  1. Amenities 

Luxury rehab also offers a set of amenities that are unique to them. Those amenities mainly include gourmet meals, private and semi-private rooms, multiple therapies, dedicated sports areas, swimming pools, access to the internet, etc. 

Another factor that sets both rehabs apart is their cost. A traditional rehab is more affordable than a luxury rehab. However, luxury rehab is still worth every penny you would pay. Thus, if you wish to enroll in a luxury rehab, then Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas is the best option. 

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