How Does Alcohol Affect your Sexual Health?

How Does Alcohol Affect your Sexual Health?

We all have often observed people open up after consuming some alcohol. This is because of the effects of alcohol on an individual’s behavior. This same openness also allows them to become less self-conscious and break down conversational barriers. Some also feel more sexually heightened when drunk. This is mainly because of the euphoric effects of alcohol. 

However, what many of us miss out on here is the risk associated with alcohol and how it affects your sexual health. Thus, here is a blog mentioning the effects of alcohol on one’s sexual health. 

Behavioral Effects of Alcohol on Sexual Health 

Engaging in sexual activities after getting drunk is a common side effect of alcohol. While it can be overwhelming to engage in sexual intercourse while drunk it also brings along several risks. To begin with, alcohol is proven to lower inhibitions, impair cognition, and heighten risk-taking behaviors. 

A study also shows that an individual, when drunk is more likely to have sex with a person which they wouldn’t otherwise. The study also mentions that several interviewees accepted sleeping with a stranger whom they just met. All of this can be fun for the moment but a lot of health risks follow in such situations. Some of the major health problems associated with such behavior are

  • Risk of sexually transmitted diseases 
  • Unintended pregnancy 
  • Failure to use protective measures 
  • Birth control failure 
  • Sexual assault 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Decreased libido 
  • Infertility 
  • Irregular release of sexual hormones 

Short and Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on Sexual Health 

Here are some short and long-term effects of alcohol on your sexual health. 

  1. Alcohol dependence can reduce your sexual responses resulting in difficulty to achieve orgasm. 
  2. Alcohol also leads to erectile dysfunction in men and reduced sexual arousal in women. This can result in painful or unsuccessful sexual acts. 
  3. Alcohol can also lower the sperm count in men leading to infertility. Further, the same can also result in the shrinking of the sexual organs. 
  4. The substance is also found to have numbing effects on emotional response. This results in unsatisfying sexual intercourse. 

Spoiled sexual relationships between partners can lead to several other related issues. Thus, to maintain a healthy relationship, it is necessary to regulate your alcohol intake. 

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