What is a Luxury Rehab? 

What is a Luxury Rehab? 

When you begin your search for a rehab, you will likely come across two options-traditional and luxury rehabs. These are the two main classes of a rehab offering variety of treatments and facilities. 

A traditional rehab offers all the mandatory treatments and therapies in a safe environment. Whereas, a luxury rehab offers a lot more than just treatment. Let us know more about a luxury rehab and the amenities it offers. 

Why go for a Luxury Rehab? 

The best way to define a luxury rehab is receiving addiction treatment in a 5-star luxurious facility. Rehabs of this kind offer world-class amenities along with the best treatment. Even the professionals and medical experts here are highly qualified and do their job to perfection. 

The goal of a luxury rehab is to make sure that you heal in a positive, supportive, safe, and luxurious environment. Other benefits of a luxury rehab are

  • Private and semi-private accommodations
  • Dedicated sports areas 
  • Swimming pools 
  • Gym and yoga center
  • Massage therapies 
  • Gourmet meals 
  • Access to work, internet, television, etc. 

What Treatments do Luxury Rehab Offer? 

Luxury rehab offers multiple treatments and therapy options like 

  1. Holistic treatment 
  2. Music therapy 
  3. Dual diagnosis 
  4. Art therapy 
  5. Medically-assisted treatment 
  6. Family therapy 

All these treatments and therapies strive towards achieving a lifetime of sobriety. 

How Much Does a Luxury Rehab Cost? 

Considering the location, amenities, treatments, and therapies, luxury rehabs are bound to cost more than traditional rehabs. However, you have the option of covering your luxury rehab costs using insurance. Once the insurance is verified by the provider, the admission process begins. 

How to Select the Right Rehab?

There are many rehabs in our country, all claiming to be the best. However, not all stand true to their words. Thus, you need to be utterly careful while choosing a rehab. You need to make sure that the rehab you are looking at…

  • …holds all the licenses and permissions to function 
  • …offers approved treatments and therapies 
  • …has supportive staff 
  • …allows you to pay using your insurance 
  • …prioritizes your sobriety 
  • …offers treatment to multiple substance addictions 

Once the rehab passes the test, you can move ahead with the admission process. 

A Luxury Rehab Worth your Money 

If you are considering a luxury rehab, Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas is worth your money. We offer all the above-mentioned amenities and treatments under our best professionals. 

Contact us now to book an appointment. 

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