Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse: What’s The Link?

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse: What’s The Link?

Most people have no idea that behavioral health and substance abuse have an inextricable nexus between them. They are inherently connected and answer a lot of questions about each other. 

In this article, we shall explore how both of them complement each other and what we can learn from them.

Addiction – A Behavioral Health Disorder

Let us look at the most obvious way they are connected. Substance abuse is a behavioral health disorder. You would resonate with the statement if you have a loved one who is suffering from such a disorder. But, why is this true?

The primary reason would be the fact that addiction goes against our natural instincts. The need and desire for a substance would overpower all other desires. We also see the same in the most extreme examples of substance abuse. People try to put it ahead of their basic needs such as food, water and safety. 

Mental Health Patients – More susceptible to addiction

People who suffer from mental health disorder are more likely to be drawn towards an addiction. Since they are already suffering from a behavioral disorder, they become easy targets for addictive substances. 

To understand the reason why this is true, you must ask yourself the reason behind doing drugs. A balanced mind does not crave drugs. However, a person with a mental health disorder does not possess a balanced mind. And, drugs are designed to change the way we feel. A person with an unbalanced mind seeks to change the way they feel and drugs offer the perfect outlet. 

It becomes all the more important that the person gets a proper diagnosis. If you’re suffering from such a disorder where your disorder is resurfacing regularly, then you need to get yourself evaluated.  

Treating Behavioral Health Disorder and Addiction at the same time

As said earlier, the link between mental health disorders and addiction is deeply rooted. Therefore, if the person is not able to see any progress, then he will rely on his addiction. Hence, it becomes increasingly important that both of these disorders are treated simultaneously. 

The old method of treating each of them individually has been disproven and is not effective. The best way to determine the same is to submit yourself for an evaluation. If the symptoms are caught early, then the possibility of treatment is better. 

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