Postpartum Depression As A Mom: A Decription

Postpartum Depression As A Mom: A Decription

Before beginning the story, it is essential to get familiar with the term “postpartum depression.” It is a type of depression experienced by mothers right after the delivery. Depression is all about feeling empty from the inside, as if a part of you has been removed. Several women experience this, and the feeling of emptiness fades within a few days after the delivery. However, some women fail to overcome this feeling and need professional help to deal with it. A similar incident happened with Ceara!

An Example

Ceara was all healthy and fine during her pregnancy. It was about ten days past her due date when she felt it was the time to give birth to her daughter. She rushed to the hospital along with her husband and her mother. But as soon as she got admitted, lousy news surfaced. She was not able to dilate. Therefore, the chances of normal delivery seemed small. 

The contractions began to get worse until, after 19 hours of pain, Ceara was taken to the OR for an urgent c – section. The pain was annoying and, at the same time, kept her husband and her mother praying for things to end smoothly. Her husband sat beside her holding her hand and trying to be as supportive as possible. Even the nurses comforted her and tried to keep her hopeful about her beautiful daughter, who would be in this world soon. 

After some preparations, the doctors began the surgery, and soon a beautiful girl was born. It was supposed to be a happy moment for everyone, but that wasn’t the case with Ceara. As soon as the baby was removed from her body, she felt a sudden sense of emptiness. It was the postpartum depression (PPD) that kicked in. Hoping to be okay soon, the family went home. 

Days passed after the birth of Ceara’s daughter, but the PPD just won’t leave her side. It became so worse that she started to hate her own child. The sadness of parting with the baby, which she carried as a part of her body for nine months, was unbearable. It got so worse that now she had no other choice but to approach a professional to seek help. 

Soon she reached out to a counselor to help her deal with PPD. After a few sessions and treatments, Ceara finally overcame her depression and began to live a happy life with her loving family. 

Seeking Help For PPD

This story is a great example for all those women who struggle to overcome their postpartum depression. Help is always available in such cases; all you need to do is to understand the situation and reach out to the professionals. You can contact Mallard Lake Detox Center for any help that you may need while battling depression. 

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