What Are The Goals Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What Are The Goals Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Three Main Goals Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Houston, TX

Cognitive behavioural therapy is among the most efficient forms of psychotherapy. It is most often utilized to help patients overcome anxiety, disorders and other mental health conditions. In modern times, CBT forms the bedrock of addiction treatment. Since this is a highly goal-oriented type of therapy, patients who accomplish their set goals are the prime candidates for this type of therapy.

Top Three Goals Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Aaron Beck is widely regarded as the founder of cognitive behavioural therapy. He created the concept of ‘automatic negative thought’. This concept entails that patients experience a trigger and enter the same negative thought pattern over and over again. 

  • Establishing Problem Solving Skills

Addiction is most often the by-product of a person’s lack of problem-solving skills and healthy coping. CBT majorly focuses on establishing problem-solving skills and letting patients know certain ways by which they can cope with their problems. It is not about ignoring problems but instead, it is about overshadowing them in a way that builds up the person in a positive manner.

  • Adapt and Adjust Negative Thinking Habits

Changing the negative thinking patterns patients have is the core focus of cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychotherapists are responsible to understand how a patient thinks when they are confronted with a triggering situation. After this, they offer help to the patients so they can challenge those thought processes by eliminating factual inconsistencies. Therapists will show the way to the patients how they can change these thinking habits and identify when they slip back into problematic thinking habits.

  • Getting Back To A Daily Routine

It is certainly possible that people who are seeking CBT are likely struggling to maintain a productive daily routine. Active addictions might be the main culprit behind this behaviour. The therapy offers them the tools they need to return to their daily routines. Patients can reclaim their normal life by changing their thoughts and self-destructive behaviour. If a patient uses his own natural capacity for change, it turns out to be even more beneficial.

Consider Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Us

People who have already decided that CBT is indeed the way to go, can achieve a significant amount of change from these programs. You can alter your thinking patterns and subsequent behaviors by working together with a qualified psychotherapist. Outside of their usual sessions, the patient will be required to complete a number of exercises.

CBT is a serious commitment that only yields a result when taken seriously. If you wish to know more about it, contact us at Mallardlakedetox in Houston, TX.

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