Drug Rehab for Women

Drug Rehab for Women

Addiction does not discriminate among genders. It equally affects men and women. However, when speaking about treatment, you might find some differences in the approach. 

There are several kinds of rehab, out of which, one is a women-specific rehab. Though the major outline of the treatment remains the same, there are some differences in other facilities. Let’s see how a women’s rehab is different than others. 

What is a Women’s Rehab? 

As the name suggests, a women’s rehab is specifically for females. It allows women to overcome substance addiction in a safe and structured environment. This rehab has several unique qualities as compared to a mixed-gender rehab. These are designed specially to address women’s unique needs. 

The Treatment Process at Women’s Rehab 

As we said earlier, a women’s rehab works on the same outline of treatments. The process starts with an assessment, followed by detox, therapies, medical aid, and aftercare programs. The intention of the treatment remains the same, but the approach changes a little. 

How is Women’s Rehab Different? 

The difference in treatment at women’s rehab circles around biological, psychological, and social factors. Considering these, the rehab offers unique treatments and facilities to the patients. Some key differences between women’s and men’s rehab include: 

  1. Gender-specific therapy 

Talking about one’s addiction experience is not always easy. This is especially true for women. Therefore, women’s rehab makes sure to provide a comfortable and supportive environment. The patients here can openly share their thoughts and experiences. 

  1. Trauma-informed care 

Past traumas are one of the leading reasons for addiction. Therefore, women are given special trauma therapy to overcome bitter experiences and develop healthy ways to cope with them. 

  1. Family involvement 

Family members also play an important role in treating addiction. Hence, women’s rehab makes sure to include family members of their patients during therapy. This helps in clearing all the differences among each other and making a supportive system at home. 

  1. Treating co-occurring disorders 

Co-occurrence of mental illness and addiction is common among women. However, with appropriate treatment at women’s rehab, the issue is handled safely. 

  1. Special accommodation 

A key feature of women’s rehab is their women-only accommodation. This keeps them away from distractions and triggers from men and boosts their recovery. 

A women’s rehab is beneficial for female patients. Thus, if you need help, do not hesitate to enroll in one. 

You can consult our professionals at Mallard Lake Detox Center. We serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us now for more details. 

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