Drug Addiction Treatment for the People of Houston

Drug Addiction Treatment for the People of Houston

Drug addiction is a rising health concern in our country. Millions of people are getting hooked on deadly substances each year. Not only does this affect their physical health but also disrupts their mental stability. Addiction is also seen to cause several side effects in terms of physical and mental health disorders. 

Considering this, the experts suggest seeking addiction treatment at the earliest. Let’s see how drug rehabs like Mallard Lake Detox Center help in overcoming addiction. 

What is the Need for Drug Rehab? 

The primary need for rehab is to avoid relapse. The rehab staff can help you during the tough times of withdrawal and reduce the risk of relapse. 

A few other benefits of rehab include: 

  • You get to heal in a safe and supportive environment 
  • You are surrounded by people who support your recovery 
  • You receive round-the-clock support 
  • You will be taught several relapse-prevention techniques 
  • You can maintain a better sleep schedule, eat healthy meals, and focus only on recovery 
  • You can receive aftercare support 

Addictions we Treat at Mallard Lake Detox Center 

Our rehab offers experts treatment for addictions like: 

  1. Alcohol 
  2. Cocaine 
  3. Ecstasy 
  4. Fentanyl 
  5. Heroin 
  6. Kratom 
  7. Marijuana 
  8. Meth 
  9. Oxycontin 
  10. Prescription drugs 
  11. Xanax 

Fears Before Entering Rehab

Rehab is not the first choice for many. They fear the treatment for reasons like: 

  1. Unable to trust the staff and experts 

People who are about to begin treatment often don’t trust the rehab staff at first. It is quite normal as addiction has left you in a vulnerable state and trusting an unknown is difficult. But let us assure you, all our staff is reliable and helpful. They are there to make you feel comfortable throughout treatment. 

  1. Fear of loneliness 

Since you aren’t able to trust anyone so easily, you tend to feel lonely during treatment. Or at least fear the same. However, we assure you that it won’t be the case at our rehab. We make sure that every patient is paid enough attention and that all their needs are considered. Our therapies also focus on eliminating this fear of loneliness. You will also have peers with whom you can share your experiences and form new relationships. 

Rehab is nothing to be scared of. At Mallard Lake Detox Center, we make sure that every patient feels comfortable, safe, and included. Our center serves the people of Houston and surrounding areas. Join our rehab today and take a step ahead towards sobriety. Contact us now for more details. 

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