Drug Rehab: What to Expect from Treatment?

Drug Rehab: What to Expect from Treatment?

Addiction takes a toll on your mental and physical health. However, it still seems a better resort for many due to the horrors of rehab. People generally picture rehabs to be like those shown in movies and TV shows. But that’s not the reality. Rehabs have evolved greatly and now treat patients with more care and sensitivity. 

Every rehab, including Mallard Lake Detox Center, follows a typical process of treatment. You can learn more about it in the blog below. 

Defining Drug and Alcohol Rehab 

Drug and alcohol rehab is a setting where patients overcome their addiction. Rehabs have everything, starting from accommodations to food, therapy rooms, meeting halls, activity center, etc. However, some of these amenities differ from center to center. But in the end, everyone focuses on achieving sobriety. 

The patients are given therapies and medical support throughout the process. Some common forms of rehab to be found are: 

  1. Residential or inpatient rehab 
  2. Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization Program 
  3. Intensive outpatient treatment 
  4. General outpatient treatment 
  5. Medical detox 
  6. Sober living facilities 

Therapies Offered at Rehab 

Besides medical assistance and detox, patients also need to attend therapies for a better outcome. Therefore, the rehabs also offer a wide range of therapies such as: 

  1. Individual counseling 
  2. Group therapy 
  3. Family therapy 
  4. Psychoeducation 
  5. Holistic therapy 
  6. Couple’s therapy 

The Process of Rehab 

Every rehab is supposed to follow an elaborate process for addiction treatment. The process followed by the rehabs goes as follows: 

  1. Admission and assessment 
  2. Detox under medical supervision 
  3. Therapies 
  4. Aftercare 

Length of Stay at Rehab 

The length of stay at rehab or the duration of treatments is available in three different plans. It usually starts with a 30-day program. This is ideal for patients with minor addiction and faster recovery. 

If anyone needs more time to heal, rehabs can extend the program to 60 or 90 days. A longer duration is recommended for patients with severe addiction issues. This assures long-term sobriety. Also, patients under these programs are seen to cope better after returning to their normal routines. 

Overall, the experts recommend a longer duration for every patient as it helps better in achieving long-term sobriety. 

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