Why is Medical Detox a Recommended Addiction Treatment Program?

Why is Medical Detox a Recommended Addiction Treatment Program?

Deciding to seek addiction treatment is a commendable decision. After all, not everyone is strong enough to take the step. However, it doesn’t end here. Once you decide to seek help, the next challenge you face is finding the right place. With plenty of rehabs out there, it can be tough to select the most reliable facility. But we can help you with that. 

As addiction treatment experts, we recommend choosing a place that offers medical detox or medically-assisted detox. Here’s why. 

What is Medical Detox? 

The process of addiction treatment begins with detox. It is the phase where you are required to cut down on your alcohol or drug intake.

The purpose of detox is to eliminate all the toxins and readjust your body’s systems to normal. 

Now, this process of detox is not as easy as it seems. The moment you restrict the use of substances, your mind and body will show signs of discomfort. These are known as withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are proof that your body is readjusting to the absence of substances. The withdrawal symptoms can be anything like anxiety, depression, tremors, headaches, fever, etc. 

Further, if you had a severe addiction, these symptoms can be accompanied by a few others and can also be extremely harsh to handle. Thus, to make them bearable, experts will prescribe you a few safe medicines. This is what is known as medical detox. 

Why Choose Medical Detox Center? 

The main purpose of a medical detox center is to help patients with severe addiction. Since they are likely to suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms, medical help is needed to reduce the intensity of those symptoms. Such a facility is only available at rehabs that are licensed to offer medical detox programs. 

Thus, if you are suffering from severe addiction, then choosing a medical detox center will be beneficial. Here are some of the major benefits of attending a medical detox program: 

  1. You can safely detox off the substances 
  2. Medical help is available at any time on day 
  3. Quick response to any health complications that may arise 
  4. Safe and positive environment to heal 
  5. Availability of treatments and therapies 

You too can avail of these benefits at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas. Our detox programs are certified and supervised by experts. 
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