What is the Main Cause Behind Alcoholism? 

What is the Main Cause Behind Alcoholism? 

Alcoholism, alcohol addiction, or alcohol use disorder, are all terms used to describe the chronic habit of drinking alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease and does not heal by itself. Doctors further associate this disease with compulsive decision-making, impulsive behavior, and also relapse. 

Alcohol addiction is also accompanied by various physical, mental, and behavioral disorders. Some of these are irreversible. Thus, it is vital to seek alcoholism treatment. 

How is Alcoholism Developed? 

Alcoholism is mainly developed after an individual engages in excessive drinking. Alcohol, after entering the body, signals the brain to release high levels of dopamine or the “happy hormone”. Due to these increased levels of dopamine, the user feels extremely happy, joyful, and excited. Sadly, as the effect wears off, the dopamine levels reduce to normal. This brings back the user to their previous state of mind. 

When this cycle of alcohol consumption continues, the addiction takes over. The American Medical Association or AMA describes this condition as a problem that: 

  • Does not fade away or heal on its own 
  • Has noticeable signs and symptoms 
  • Is biological 
  • Follows a conventional development and recovery timeline 
  • Can get worse and even fatal with time 

Causes Behind Alcoholism

Alcoholism is caused due to several factors. Some of the common ones can include genetics, the surrounding environment, work stress, peer pressure, and the brain’s reward system. 

Out of these, the brain’s reward system plays a major role in causing addiction. The reward system is mainly the brain’s capacity to produce dopamine. Some people naturally have low levels of dopamine production in their brains. When these people consume alcohol, they sense ultimate pleasure, a feeling that they rarely experience otherwise. The first few experiences make them feel so good that they are tempted to take a few more drinks. When this habit continues, the brain requires alcohol to produce dopamine, and addiction sets in. 

Full-fledged alcohol addiction leads to multiple physical and mental disorders. Therefore, the experts at Mallard Lake Detox Center, Texas advise seeking help on time. The center has specialized alcohol addiction treatment programs. 

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