Are you Moving Towards Alcohol Addiction?

Are you Moving Towards Alcohol Addiction?

“Just one drink” and that’s how your alcohol addiction begins. Few drinks once or twice a month might seem a fair deal but it can become a threat when the frequency of those drinks increases. Once addicted to alcohol, you can hardly function normally without alcohol. 

But how would you identify if your alcohol intake is pointing towards addiction? Here’s a blog that can help you identify your alcohol addiction. 

Identifying the Signs of Alcohol Addiction 

According to the experts, moderate drinking is just an initial phase before a full-fledged alcohol addiction takes over. Moderate drinking means consuming 1 to 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink a day for women. However, when the number of drinks or the frequency of drinking increases, that’s a sign that you are moving ahead of the moderate drinking stage. 

But how will you identify if you are fully addicted to alcohol or not? This can be established by answering a few of these questions: 

  1. Are you unable to control your drinking?
  2. Have you lost control over the amount of alcohol you drink regularly? 
  3. Have people commented or expressed concern about your drinking habits?
  4. Do you black out often after consuming too much alcohol? 
  5. Are you always thinking about alcohol when you’re not drunk?
  6. Do you feel that your life without alcohol will be unfulfilling? 
  7. Are you able to justify the reasons behind your drinking patterns? 
  8. Have you experienced consequences as a result of your drinking habit? 

If the answers to a majority of these questions are a “yes”, then yes you are drifting from moderate drinking. 

It’s Time to Begin Alcohol Detox

In such a case, it is wise to seek help before your addiction slips out of your hands. You can visit Mallard Lake Detox center for safe and effective alcohol detox. 

We are also happy to serve the patients traveling from Fort Worth, Texas. Visit us now and begin alcohol today!

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