What is Luxury Rehab: An All-In Guide

What is Luxury Rehab: An All-In Guide

Since drug usage is on the rise, rehab centers are springing up around the country. Each of these centers offers competent and reasonable help to its clients. In these listings, you may come across places such as ‘luxury rehabs’. So, what are these places and what makes them ‘luxurious’?

Traditional Rehab v. Luxury Rehab

We have heard countless stories of people who battle addiction. Their journey is a tough one with many hurdles before attaining sobriety. Moreover, the problem of addiction is not limited to class, race, religion or economic status. We have seen rich actors and businessmen to the people on the streets who are struggling from addiction. 

People who suffer from addiction and want to get themselves on the path to recovery take up some sort of rehab. If the addiction has persisted for a longer time, people tend to go for the residential treatment facilities. However, the goal remains the same: attaining and maintaining sobriety. 

We should also realize that addiction is a mental condition. After using substances for a longer time, the brain function is changed. This causes the addiction to develop a dependency on the drug. Hence, several people dig themselves out of the addiction through the modes of rehab while some are not able to. 

How is luxury rehab different?

We know about the modes of imparting traditional therapy. It relies on offering the essential treatment required to begin the process of recovery. Nevertheless, since luxury therapy requires you to spend, it offers something more. You have to realize that when it comes to treatment, both of them will offer the necessary treatment. But, there are areas where the luxury treatment is a more soothing experience. 

Let us take an example. The current regulations require that the patient-therapist ratio should not be more than 1 therapist for every 8 patients. However, the luxury rehab centers will go below it. Luxury therapy focuses on individual attention and private experience. Therefore, it will have a ratio, which would be lower than the standard offered by a traditional rehab. 

This was only a small example. There are many such instances where the services offered by a luxury rehab would exceed the ones at traditional therapy. Several activities such as yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage are not available at a traditional therapy center. 

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