Five of the Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder

Five of the Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder

When it comes to substance use disorder, there are varying signs and symptoms to tell if a person is addicted to a certain substance. Frankly, this term simply describes the dependence, misuse, and addiction brought by alcohol or illegal substances.

More often than not, addicts would hide their addiction most blatantly. They would start giving away hints that they’re addicted to a particular substance, and they’re going to have a shift in their behaviors. You’ll quickly know if someone is addicted because of this.

However, if a person’s addiction is only on the first steps, then there might be a chance to stop it from going further. This is why we’re giving you five of the most common signs and symptoms of substance use disorder to look out for.

According to the Recovery Research Institute, these signs and symptoms may include the following:

  1. They start having problems controlling their alcohol intake, and they always end up drinking in more significant amounts than they had initially hoped for.
  2. They have problems controlling their alcohol use even though they want to cut it down or quit.
  3. They develop a more robust and stronger craving or desire to consume alcohol or any type of illegal substance.
  4. They tend to spend a lot of time trying to obtain alcohol or the illegal substance they’re addicted to.
  5. They always manage to end up in a riskier or more hazardous situation like driving under the influence.

There are other ways to know whether someone is going through a substance use disorder, but these five are the most common ones.

If you’re noticing one or more of these signs and symptoms in your loved ones, then maybe it’s time to call us at Mallard Lake Detox Center. It’s never too late, and we can be of service to you and your family members – it really is never too late, that’s for sure!

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