What is Inpatient Rehab? How Does it Help?

What is Inpatient Rehab? How Does it Help?

If you are considering addiction treatment, then you would have come across two main treatment options: inpatient and outpatient. Both these are effective forms of treatment. However, each of them targets different patients. 

An outpatient rehab covers patients with minor addiction issues. Whereas, inpatient rehab is for patients with severe addiction. The ones choosing inpatient care need to stay in the facility under continuous observation. They are offered medical and therapeutic support throughout their course of treatment. There are several other components of inpatient rehab. Let’s explore them together. 

Whom Can I Find at an Inpatient Rehab? 

Inpatient rehab offers a spectrum of care that involves guidance from experts in various fields. Hence, you likely find experts such as: 

  1. Physicians 
  2. Nurses 
  3. Psychiatrists 
  4. Psychologists 
  5. Licensed family and marriage therapists 
  6. Licensed addiction counselors 
  7. Nutritionists 
  8. Wellness and fitness specialists 

What to Expect at an Inpatient Rehab? 

Starting with detox, you will follow a typical treatment process at an inpatient rehab. As you conclude detox, you can expect to attend: 

  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Individual addiction therapy 
  • Integrated treatment for dual diagnosis 
  • Individual mental health therapy 
  • Medical appointments 
  • Fitness and wellness activities 
  • Nutritional assessment 
  • Family therapy sessions 
  • Spiritual care 
  • Educational and experiential workshops 
  • Aftercare programs

Additionally, you can also find evidence-based therapies such as: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Dialectical-behavioral therapy 
  • Medication assisted treatment 
  • 12-step program and others. 

How Do I Know the Need for Inpatient Rehab? 

Though you will be assessed and suggested treatment by the rehab staff, you can still determine it yourself. To start with, you can ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Do I experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit or slow down on substances? 
  2. Have I suffered a relapse before? 
  3. Have I tried a less intensive treatment and been unsuccessful with it? 
  4. Do I need drugs or alcohol daily to function normally? 
  5. Have my loved ones shown concern about my substance use? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you do need inpatient care. Many of these are signs of severe addiction and other complications. Therefore, inpatient rehab will be the ideal treatment for you. 

Which is the Best Rehab for the People of Houston? 

The best rehab for the people of Houston and surrounding areas is Mallard Lake Detox Center. Spread over acres of land, this rehab offers the best treatment for all sorts of addiction issues. Our center is also equipped with experts and professionals so that you receive the right treatment. Contact our team today to know more! 

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