How Long Will I Have to Stay in Rehab?

How Long Will I Have to Stay in Rehab?

The idea of staying in rehab is often scary for many patients. They attempt to go for the shortest program possible. However, this hardly helps the patients. Because it is not up to the patients to choose the length of their stay. It depends on several other factors, mainly the severity of their addiction. 

Thus, for you to determine the length of your stay at rehab, you need to go through the following blog. 

Rehab Options and their Durations 

Firstly, there is no singular program for every patient. All of them need different approaches and therefore, need to go for different programs. For example: 

  1. Residential rehab: a 24-hour supervised treatment program for patients with severe addiction issues. 
  2. Outpatient rehab: a less intensive program for patients with minor addiction issues. 

Since both these programs cater to different requirements, patients need to stay in rehab for different durations. However, ideal periods of rehab can be somewhere between 30 to 90 days. You can be selected for either a 30, 60, or 90-day program considering your addiction and recovery progress. 

How to Determine the Right Duration for Me? 

As mentioned above, there are three ideal lengths of programs-30, 60, and 90 days. All these serve different purposes. A 30-day program is ideal for a patient with minor addiction and a faster recovery pace. Whereas, a patient with slightly severe issues can heal after a 60-day program. And anyone with severe addiction and medical complications needs a mandatory 90-day stay in rehab. 

However, the length of stay is also determined by other factors such as: 

  1. Types of drugs abused 
  2. Your will to participate in treatment and get better 
  3. Your overall mental and physical health 
  4. Presence of underlying mental illnesses or dual diagnosis 
  5. Suggestions from the treatment team and experts 
  6. History of substance abuse 
  7. Work or school situation 
  8. Any history of previous rehab experiences 
  9. Family and social support 
  10. Your biological buildup 

The experts or the rehab staff run a few tests to identify these conditions. Depending on the results achieved, they can recommend you the length of stay. 

Some rehabs are firm in the duration of treatment. However, a majority of them believe in extending or shortening the time considering your recovery progress. 

A similar process is also followed by us at Mallard Lake Detox Center. We serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas and offer the right addiction treatment. You can consult our professionals today to learn more about our programs. 

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