What Happens in Drug Rehab?

What Happens in Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab involves learning effective strategies for relapse prevention, detoxification, individual and group therapy sessions. Most rehab programs follow an established schedule but they might not be as unpleasant as many patients expect before they arrive. This review will shed light on what you can expect to happen during the program.

In most scenarios, drug rehab can last from approximately one month up to more than three months. Here is a general framework many programs follow with patient intake:

Patient Intake

Contacting a drug rehabilitation program is the first step. To better assess the degree of need for drug rehab, they may also schedule an in-person consultation. During the assessment session, the counsellor would want to know about past drug and alcohol use, personal life and past treatments, mental health complications and disorders. The counsellor also encourages the patient to ask any questions they have as well. 

Substance Detoxification

The next step is to help the patient detox from drugs and alcohol. This is accomplished by seeking out help from medical professionals, counselors and others.


The patient will begin their normal rehab routine after clearing the detox process. Normal rehab routine includes early meetings and breakfast, daily therapy in the afternoon and probably a short meeting before you go to bed as well. There are multiple therapy sessions each day but there is time for relaxation as well.

Relapse Prevention

Teaching ways to cope each day and prevent relapse is the last step before the patient leaves rehab. This may include volunteering, eating healthy and implementing stress management practices, creating a support network, keeping a consistent schedule and exercise routine and discovering new hobbies.

What A Typical Day Looks Like

The patient’s day is well-planned ahead of time because they receive personalized care during drug rehab which involves a structured schedule. This schedule includes a meal plan, group counseling, individual therapy, relaxation time, physical exercise and more.

Rules To Follow During Drug Rehab

To ensure that each of the patients are in the best environment possible to make a full recovery, drug rehab centers enforce strict rules. These guidelines may include:

  • No violent acts or outbursts
  • No inappropriate language directed at others
  • Attendance for all testing and counseling sessions
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed
  • No leaving the property (without permission)

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