What To Say To Someone In Drug Rehab

What To Say To Someone In Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Etiquettes: What to Say

It is widely believed that conversation is one of the most beneficial and efficient ways to help someone through the rehabilitation process while battling alcohol or drug addiction. As it can often turn lonely in drug rehab, frequent visits from your own people can go a long way in the recovery process.

How To Encourage Someone in Drug Rehab

Being genuine and supportive is the best way to connect with someone you love in drug rehab. Here are six things to say to someone in drug rehab which will not only motivate them but will also help them recover and gain sobriety that lasts.

  • Tell Them How Much You Love Them: Individuals in drug rehab often feel guilty and simply letting someone know how much you love them can prove to be miraculous! So let bygones be bygones and show that you love them through all of the obstacles.
  • Let Them Know They Are Not Alone: In most cases, individuals who are struggling with addiction suffer in silence. If you have experienced something similar in the past, share your experiences. Your loved one is not alone and reaffirming this fact will prove to be very helpful during drug rehab.
  • Ask Them How They Are Feeling: Alcohol and drug addiction is often born out of depression, anxiety and PTSD. Drug rehab programs often seek to destroy these underlying problems. Show that you care about their general well-being, especially if they have a mental health diagnosis.
  • Ask Them How You Can Help: Everyone is unique so it is essential that you ask your loved one what you can do to help them with their recovery. This helps them communicate what is most helpful for them.
  • Tell Them You Are Proud Of Them: Needless to say, admitting you have a problem and going through a rehab program requires courage. Let them know how brave what they are doing truly is and how proud you are of them.
  • Plan Things Once They Complete Rehab: It is also very beneficial to plan activities with your loved one after they are done with their rehab. This provides them the incentives to successfully meet their goals. After their program is scheduled to end, set a date for a favorite activity to do together.

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