What do you mean by “Angry Drunk?”

What do you mean by “Angry Drunk?”

You must have witnessed a person become extremely angry after drinking. That might even be your friend or a loved one or maybe even you. The extreme influence of alcohol can make people do certain things that they are sure to regret in the future. One of them is acting out or misbehaving due to anger, especially when drunk. 

Such behavior is not and should not be tolerated by anyone. Thus, if you or anyone you know suffers from this “angry drunk” problem, help them seek assistance. 

How Does Alcohol Make you Angry? 

Alcohol inhibits the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This is the part of the brain which is responsible to manage emotions and make important decisions. Thus, when under the influence of alcohol, certain feelings and emotions overpower the rational thought process. 

At times, people act silly out of extreme happiness. This is a harmless behavior, even for people around. However, when the feeling of anger overpowers other emotions, the actions can be regrettable. It can be harmful to the drunk one and also to the people around. 

Thus, it is necessary to address the issue of “angry drunk”, especially when it is a common state for you. 

Effects of Alcohol Abuse 

Alcohol abuse is fatal to the mind and body and anger is one of the negative effects. Other negative effects of alcohol include:

  1. Disrupted brain function 
  2. Memory loss 
  3. Constant mood swings 
  4. High blood pressure 
  5. Stroke 
  6. Liver damage 
  7. Damage in pancreas 
  8. Increased chances of developing cancer 
  9. Weakened immune system 

Out of these, some are life-long damages and it is impossible to reverse the effects. Thus, it is advised to detox the substance before it can cause any further damage. 

Treating Alcohol Abuse 

Many of the above-mentioned effects of alcohol abuse are irreversible. However, there is still hope for improvement with others. This is only possible if you sign up for an alcohol detox program at Mallard Lake Detox Center, located in Texas. 

Our center offers multiple alcohols and other substance-specific treatment programs. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with our experts. 

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