What are the Stages of Recovery in Substance Abuse?

What are the Stages of Recovery in Substance Abuse?

Recovery begins right from the single thought that you need treatment. Further, the process starts with choosing the most suitable recovery centre for yourself. Once the admission process is done, the recovery begins, and it has several stages. The recovery can become a lot to handle at first as your body undergoes several changes; however, staying focused on long term benefits can help you. 

The stages of recovery are: 

  1. Intervention: this is the first stage of the process where your family members and loved ones will make you realize that your substance use is going out of hand and that you need professional help. You can also realize this on your own. This is where even the authorities can intervene and push you to go for addiction treatment. 
  2. Detox: this is the next step in the process which can last from a few days to some weeks. Here, you will completely quit addictive substances and experience specific withdrawal symptoms due to the absence of importance in your system. The staff at the Mallard Lake Detox Center will help you go through this challenging stage. 
  3. Inpatient therapy: after detox, you will go through this stage of treatment. You will be expected to stay at a rehab centre for further treatments and therapies. You will get all the support you need to maintain mental and physical well-being. The therapies provided will depend from centre to centre. 
  4. Sober living: this stage offers a sober living environment with necessary peer support to ensure a strong foundation for recovery. You are advised to stay here for one year. Here, you will be taught several skills to maintain sobriety and cope with the addiction urges. The experts will also assist you in maintaining psychological and emotional balance along with looking for threats like relapse. 
  • Partial hospitalization or PHP: PHP is a part of sober living that takes place for more than five days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm. A typical day at PHP will include group therapies, check-ins, cravings management and 12 – a step program. You will also be taught the skills to avoid relapse and control cravings. This phase can last for about a month. 
  • Intensive outpatient therapy or IOP: IOP is a less intensive form of treatment usually provided to patients with minor addiction issues. It can also be a follow-up stage after an inpatient treatment where you will be asked to attend therapies while also maintaining an everyday life with work and other responsibilities. There will be around 3 to 4 therapy sessions a week of a few hours each. IOP is a liberal form of therapy which ultimately leads you towards the completion of your recovery program. 

Getting Professional Help

You can approach Mallard Lake Detox Center to receive the best treatment for yourself. The centre provides the highest quality of treatment and therapies under the supervision of highly qualified staff. Contact us now to know more about our treatment plans.

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