Why Should You Get On The Path of Soberiety?

Why Should You Get On The Path of Soberiety?

Are you getting sober? What’s the need at all? I am perfectly fine, in fact, a picture of perfect health! 

It sounds like some self-motivation, right? Well, this is a common misconception often found among drinkers. Especially the ones who haven’t yet realized that they are addicted to alcohol. Here are some other excuses were often given by regular drinkers when it comes to quitting alcohol. 

  • “I can quit, but being sober is just so boring.”

This is an excuse often given by those who admire drinking and enjoy the drunken stage even if they suffer from hangovers every time. Some might even know what harm alcohol is doing to their body yet are not ready to quit easily. 

  •  “I can quit, but my friends wouldn’t let me.”

Some people are so much under the bad influence that their friends, “so-called “ friends” rather wouldn’t let them quit alcohol. Such people also fear being kicked out of the group. But they should remember that if your friends are spoiling you, they are not your friends. 

  • “I can quit, but I don’t want to be the only one not drinking.”

Since you have quit alcohol, you can become the only sober person in your group. That could be an unpleasant feeling when you see others drinking and enjoying themselves. But that should not be an excuse to stop you from quitting as it is for your own good, and you can enjoy it even when you’re sober. 

  • “I want to quit, but I am not going to A.A.”

A.A. or Alcoholics Anonymous could often be pictured as a dark and dreary basement where alcoholics would gather and attend meetings to get sober. But that’s not how it is! A.A. is a very supportive place with a light and positive environment where addicts had the opportunity to leave their addictions behind and begin a healthy life.

  • “I can quit, but I have so many other things coming up, and this is not the right time.”

“This is not the right time” is another frequent excuse given by alcoholics. You may be surrounded by a lot of stuff lately, but there’s no specific moment to quit. Once you decide not to drink anymore, that moment becomes the right one in itself.

  • “I haven’t hit rock bottom.”

You may feel that the drinking is under control, and that might even be true, but it won’t take long before it slips out of your hands. Therefore, stop it the moment you realize it’s not the right thing to do. 

Addiction Treatment

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