What are AAC Treatment Centers?

What are AAC Treatment Centers?

Drinking at a minor age, that is, before the age of 21, has become a common practice among youth today. Study shows nearly 20% of all minors consume alcohol, out of which 4.5 million are binge drinkers! Shocking isn’t it? Becoming a heavy drinker even before you turn 20 is the worst mistake one can ever make. Drinking causes numerous side effects, and becoming an alcohol addict at a minor age simply shortens one’s life. To reduce the number of little drinkers, AAC is hosting community events where such drinkers will be informed about the adverse effects of underage drinking. 

There have been surveys that show that the number of underages were reduced in the year 2002, however, there are still 7.4 million people who consume alcohol and are aged between 12 and 20. This number was recorded in the year 2017. Considering this, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration had organized an Alcohol Awareness Month in April and National Prevention Week between the 12 and 18 of May. Its primary purpose is to begin conversation about underage drinking among the citizens. 

Alcohol consumption has become a rising problem nowadays simply because of its availability and legalization. This has made it easier for minors to obtain the substance and consume it without fear. The addiction treatment centers claim that about 66% of the citizens accept that alcohol was one of the first addictive substances they ever consumed. The problem now has reached to such a level that it has become necessary to spread awareness about the same among the younger generation. 

AAC is becoming a part of this awareness spreading mission by hosting panel discussions about the rising concern. Even the child star, Jeremy Jackson, famous for his role in Baywatch, will participate in the discussion and talk about his addiction and recovery experiences. 

All these events will be open to all the community members who are willing to be a part of this mission and wish to reduce the number of underage drinkers. 

AAC’s main aim is to help people from all classes of society to recover from this so-called “trend” of drinking at an early age. They are ready to provide all sorts of research, support and resources along with treatments for the same. 

One such alcohol addiction rehab centre also shares a similar goal. Mallard Lake Detox Center also thrives by providing the best quality treatment to its patients suffering from alcohol addiction. If you or any of your loved ones need assistance with their drinking problem, then Mallard Lake Detox Center is the most suitable option. Contact the centre now to get more details about their treatment and therapies. 

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