3 Excuses Every Addict Makes to Avoid Treatment

3 Excuses Every Addict Makes to Avoid Treatment

It is always difficult to face the reality that one of your family members or your closest friend is addicted to drugs or alcohol. But once you have accepted the truth, the best you can try is to advise them to attend a rehab center. However, the ones who aren’t yet ready to accept their addiction won’t agree to go for the treatment and come up with excuses like: 

  1. “I am strong enough to stop whenever I want to” 

This is one of the most common excuses presented by an addict when it comes to seeking help from a rehab center. They feel so confident about themselves and think that it is under their control to stop alcohol or drug consumption. However, the truth is something unpleasant. Usually, people addicted to substances are never able to stop and even if they do, it doesn’t take long before they relapse.

      2.  “I know someone who went to treatment, yet relapsed, then how will it help me?”

There will always be examples of failure and success in every aspect of life. But it is up to us to admire the right one. Looking at people who relapsed after treatment would be an act of giving up without even trying. But looking at people who have relapsed yet are willing to maintain sobriety is something worth taking inspiration from. Even the experts mention that relapse is common and happens to several patients, but the ones who stay strong and continue the recovery process are the true heroes. 

      3. “All my friends do drugs and take alcohol. What will I do after recovering from my addiction?” 

It is another excuse that is difficult to address. Oftentimes it happens that you build strong relationships with people who share similar interests as yours. This happens even in doing drugs and consuming alcohol. When it comes to going for addiction treatment, you might feel that you will be left alone after getting clean or won’t be able to hang out with these people anymore. But that isn’t something that should stop you. 

There’s always a first time, and just how you found these friends, you can even make new ones who aren’t into addiction. Going to a rehab center gives you the opportunity of making new friends who, like you, have lost their old friends but now wish to be around people who encourage sobriety. 

Getting Professional Treatment

There could be numerous other excuses that one can come up with in order to avoid going for treatment. But instead of thinking of ways to escape, you can be strong and face reality. Getting addiction treatment will help you in the longer run. 

You can seek help from Mallard Lake Detox Center to cure your addiction. The staff is highly qualified and extremely supportive. The center also provides the best quality treatment and therapy. Call us now to get more details about our treatment plans. 

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