Types of Drugs Used During Medical Detox

Types of Drugs Used During Medical Detox

Drug detox as a process might sound easy. But what people fear the most about it is the physical and mental discomfort. Undergoing detox puts you through a lot of physical and mental stress. This is nothing but withdrawal symptoms. Your body, after all, needs some time to readjust to sobriety. 

Though detox is difficult, it is not impossible. There are ways by which detox can be made easier and that is by undergoing medical detox

Undergoing Medical Detox 

As the name suggests, medical detox involves prescribing safe medication to patients. The main purpose of these medicines is to ease withdrawal symptoms and make them bearable. 

After suffering from severe addiction, an individual is likely to go through extreme withdrawal symptoms. These can be extremely discomforting and can even lead to a relapse. However, with safe medications, the same can be prevented. 

Types of Medicines for Medical Detox 

Depending on the type of addiction and the drug abused, patient can be prescribed a few medicines such as: 

  1. Acamprosate 

Also known as Campral, Acamprosate is a medicine prescribed during alcohol detox. It is an FDA-approved medicine and reacts with neurotransmitters to reduce the brain’s dependence on alcohol. Acamprosate is only effective when the patient has completely abstained from alcohol and other drugs. 

  1. Buprenorphine 

It is an opioid partial agonist which produces similar effects to painkillers and other similar drugs. Buprenorphine aims to reduce the withdrawal effects and drug cravings during opioid detox. It also helps in preventing future relapses. 

  1. Disulfiram 

Also known by the name Antabuse, disulfiram is a medicine prescribed during alcohol detox. its purpose is to reduce withdrawal symptoms. However, when consumed with alcohol, it produces extremely unpleasant physical effects. This helps the patient quit alcohol sooner. 

  1. Methadone 

Also a prescription painkiller, methadone is a long-acting opioid agonist. It is approved by the FDA to be used as a drug to treat opioid use disorder. Methadone mainly reduces drug cravings and aids with withdrawal symptoms. 

  1. Naltrexone

Also known by the name Vivitrol, naltrexone is an approved medicine to treat opioid and alcohol addictions. The medicine blocks the euphoric effects of opioids and alcohol and further reduces drug cravings. 

Many other medicines also fall under this list. However, none should be taken without medical assistance. You can visit Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas for more help with medical detox. 

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