The Impact of Meth on a Woman's Body

The Impact of Meth on a Woman’s Body

Every drug has side effects, especially when taken in uncontrolled amounts. But these effects vary from person to person and even between genders. It has been researched that the impact of methamphetamine or meth varies between male and female consumers. 

What Is Meth?

Meth is a synthetically produced drug and is usually consumed for recreational purposes. It produces high levels of dopamine for a short span of time, thus, becoming a commonly consumed drug across the country for the intensity of the high it produces. The drug holds certain nicknames like crystal, speed or ice for its property of creating an instant high. 

Reasons For Using Meth

Meth is mainly used for the high that it produces. The drug, after reaching the brain, produces high levels of dopamine which makes the user feel extreme joy and pleasure. People also go to meth to handle their mental illnesses like depression. After a few doses of meth, the brain loses its natural ability to produce dopamine, hence, creating a dependency on the drug to feel joy. This dependency triggers addiction. 

Side Effects Of Meth

Meth is a harmful drug, and continuous consumption of the same can result in some adverse side effects like: 

  • Exposure to STDs and unwise sexual activity
  • Meth mouth or tooth decay
  • Weak immune system
  • Heart diseases
  • Psychosis
  • Paranoia
  • Reduced dopamine levels
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Impaired problem solving 
  • Memory loses

These are the major side effects of meth, and the same depends on the time, quantity and method of consumption. The side effects can also vary between genders; in fact, it affects more the female body than the male body. 

How Does Meth Affect The Female Body?

Studies show that meth has more adverse effects on a female body as compared to that on a male body. It can result in premature aging, tooth decay, weight loss and several other serious issues. 

Prolonged meth consumption affects the grey matter in a woman’s brain. This is a part of the brain responsible for memorizing facts, processing information, learning new things, motor skills and adapting to changes. Meth reduces the grey matter present in the brain, causing developmental damage to the woman consuming the drug and also to the children that she might carry in future. 

Dangers Of Meth Use On Men

Men tend to develop meth addiction faster due to the high levels of dopamine released after its consumption. The drug impacts several parts of the male brain instead of tampering with just one specific part of the brain.

Meth Addiction Treatment
Men or women, meth severely affects both genders. The effects may vary, but none are spared from its adverse conditions. Hence, if you or anyone whom you know is suffering from meth addiction, immediately seek help from Mallard Lake Detox Center. The centre aims to provide the highest quality care and treatment for every patient. Call us now to book an appointment.

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