Steps Involved in Detox Program

Steps Involved in Detox Program

If you have already signed up for an addiction treatment program, then you must also be aware of its process. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment always begin with detox. Detox is the process where you are supposed to get rid of all the toxic elements from your system. This is done by eliminating the use of substances. 

This may be easy to read but it isn’t so easy to go through. Especially not if you are planning to detox on your own. Let’s find out what happens during detox. 

Process of Detox

The process of a typical detox program goes as follows: 

  1. Medical assessment

During this phase, the medical experts will examine and assess your medical history and other details about your addiction. They will also look for any special treatments that you might need. Based on the information gathered, you will be recommended your personalized detox plan. 

  1. Withdrawal symptoms

This is the most difficult part of the entire detox process. Withdrawal symptoms are the signs indicating the absence of substance in your body. These can be mild and harsh depending on the severity of your addiction. If the symptoms are too harsh, you will be recommended a medically-assisted detox. 

  1. Overall care and support 

It is now well established that detox isn’t pleasant. Thus, you would need extreme care and support until you’re completely free of substances. Attending a rehab provides you with overall care and support throughout the detox process. 

An ideal time frame for detox is generally between 7 to 10 days. However, this can extend or shorten depending on the severity of your addiction. 

Begin Detox Today!

With the right care and support from our experts at Mallard Lake Detox center, you don’t need to worry about the negatives of the detox. We assure to make it a pleasant experience for you. 

Our detox programs are available for the patients of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us now and begin detox today!

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