Staying Sober During Holidays: How to Do It?

Staying Sober During Holidays: How to Do It?

The holiday season is filled with joy, family and friend gatherings, food and also parties. This could become a difficult time for you trying to or have recently recovered from alcohol addiction. 

Such holiday parties tend to have alcoholic beverages, which can tempt you to take a drink, but this moment should not weaken your will to stay on the road to recovery. Therefore, here are some ways that can help you stay strong and focus on your recovery. 

  1. Plan ahead: if you know you will be attending a holiday party soon, plan ahead as to how you will participate in a way that will help you avoid relapsing. You can drive yourself to the party so that you will have the responsibility to stay sober as you will have to drive yourself back home. You can also bring in a sober companion who can help you stay away from drinks. 
  2. Have a good and positive company: parties could make you vulnerable to alcohol as there will be people around you who will try to convince you to take at least one drink. Stay away from such people; instead, surround yourself with people who are aware of your recovery and support your will to stay away from alcohol. 
  3. Enhancing self-care: another helpful way to focus on your recovery during the holiday season would be to focus on self-care. Try and maintain a healthy routine by practicing meditation, self – reflection and spending quality time with your loved ones. These can help a lot in enhancing your health which in turn will help you stay sober. 
  4. Begin new traditions: it is not always necessary to follow the party traditions and drink. You can always adopt new ones, such as hosting your own alcohol-free party, spending time with sober family members and friends or simply helping others struggling with alcohol addiction. You can also go and volunteer at rehab and help patients with the same problem as yours. 
  5. Make sobriety your top priority: while recovering or after completing alcohol addiction recovery, staying sober should be your top priority, even when it’s the holiday season. If you feel attending a party with alcohol might take you back to your past and tempt you to take a drink, then avoid attending the party at all. It might seem rude to others, but it will help you in the longer run. During such times, maintaining sobriety should become your top priority. 

Attending An Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center

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