Stages of Recovery in Substance Abuse

Stages of Recovery in Substance Abuse

Once you have decided to go for a recovery program, it becomes important for you to know the stages of the recovery process which you will be undergoing. Most rehab centers will customize the treatment process for you. However, the basic structure remains the same. The process involves five major stages of recovery:

  1. Intervention
  2. Detox
  3. Inpatient treatment
  4. Sober living
  5. Maintenance 

5 Stages Of Addiction Recovery Process

The above mentioned five stages of the process are listed below in detail:

  1. Intervention: this is the first and the most crucial stage as it marks the beginning of the life-changing recovery. Intervention works the best for those who know they are addicted and are ready to quit but aren’t able to do so on their own. There could be several factors affecting their decision to leave. Hence, intervention can help such people by sending them to the recovery centers. 
  2. Detoxification: This stage involves getting rid of even minor traces of addictive substances from a patient’s body. Detox works the best and is also recommended to be performed under the constant supervision of the experts. It can be a complicated process as your body takes time to get used to the absence of substance. 
  3. Inpatient treatment: this stage will require you to stay at the facility until a certain amount of recovery is achieved. Inpatient treatment will involve attending personal and group counseling sessions. It will also ask you to go for some different therapies, which will help identify underlying mental and physical health issues if any. Again, all of this will happen under the supervision of the experts. 
  4. Sober living: this is a crucial stage in the recovery process where the patient is now allowed to go back to their normal life. But this does not mean they are done with the therapies. The patients are still supposed to seek treatment from the center for a designated amount of time. It is important to gain self-control by this stage as returning to the usual life like before and meeting the same people again could trigger a relapse. Sober living should be maintained at all costs with a strong will. 
  5. Maintenance: once the patient begins sober living, it is important to maintain that stage to avoid relapse and other problems. Therefore, maintenance is necessary. The centre’s staff will help you maintain your sober living through certain therapies and support groups. 

5 Stages Of Recovery at Mallard Lake Detox Center

Mallard Lake Detox Center offers these five stages of recovery along with the necessary customization for every patient at the facility. Our center becomes the best choice when looking for the highest quality of rehab treatment. Hence, don’t waste a moment and quickly call Mallard Lake Detox Center to book a consultation. 

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