Why Did Covid In 2020 Contribute to a Spike In Alcohol Sales?

Why Did Covid In 2020 Contribute to a Spike In Alcohol Sales?

In March 2020, the WHO announced that the world is now embroiled in a pandemic. It uprooted the lives of many and caused many deaths around the world. Many people canceled their activities and many lost their livelihoods and jobs. 

To cope with this change, several people got hooked on alcohol. Although bars and liquor shops shut their doors during quarantine, the global sales of alcohol skyrocketed. It also caused the people to rely on the online sales of alcohol which went up by 243%. 

COVID-19 and Alcohol Addiction

COVID-19 has caused serious effects on the lives of people. Suddenly, there was this shift in the usual lifestyle of the people. People suddenly found themselves engaged in housework and managing their work at the same time. Many people lost their jobs and suffered from economic repercussions. This led to a lot of stress being built up during the course of the pandemic. Poor sleep, anxiety and depression were common manifestations at the height of the pandemic. 

The abuse of alcohol hit an all-time high in 2020. The CDC reported that about 13% of the population relied on alcohol and drugs to cope with the effects of COVID-19. The people who were consuming alcohol also reported that their consumption shot up by a lot. 

Alcohol Misuse: A history with devastations

Alcohol usage has caused a surge in alcohol usage around the world. This was also apparent as the visits to the hospital and ER also went up by a lot. This rise in alcohol usage is not something new. Terrorist attacks and recessions cause a similar rise in stress and alcohol usage around the country goes up. 

A study reported that after the 9/11 attacks, the alcohol usage of the people of America went up by a lot. This was noticed even after a long time had passed. The study was published in Frontiers in Psychology, which said that people who were exposed to these attacks had a higher tendency of binge drinking. It did not even matter how this exposure took place i.e., whether it was direct or indirect. 

The researchers also found a correlation between alcohol usage and other significant events in world history. For instance, alcohol usage also shot up during the financial recession of 2008. Therefore, alcohol usage is linked to these major events. 

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