Three of the Most Telling Signs That Your Loved One Has Gone Through Relapse

Three of the Most Telling Signs That Your Loved One Has Gone Through Relapse

The road towards addiction recovery isn’t a straight path, and it isn’t easy either. However, there are ways to go through this road successfully, and this isn’t a journey that you’ll have to go through alone.

Addiction is a problem that affects the person addicted to the substance and those around them. This is why it makes it a bit harder for their family members to see them suffering and struggling with this substance abuse.

Although addiction might be something that you’ve gone through in the past, various rehabilitation facilities might give you the strength and the source of hope you need.

Mallard Lake Detox Center, and all rehabilitation facilities around the country, have made way for former addicts to live a healthier and more sober lifestyle. This is something that we aim to give them and their families, and this is why we work hard so they can reach their long-term goals.

However, we also know that relapse is a real thing. This is a problem that most people encounter, and this isn’t something they can just shrug off.

If you think that your loved ones have relapsed, but they’re not being honest about it, these are three of the most telling signs:

  1. They’re constantly under a high level of stress.

If you’re noticing that your loved one is under a bit of stress, and if there’s a drastic change in their views of minor things, this can be due to a relapse. You see, stress is one of the most common indicators that someone has relapsed, and you can see it in someone. Not only that, but if they feel overwhelmed or anxious about the littlest things, then this can mean that they’ve had a relapse too.

  1. They avoid the people they love, and they’re trying to self-isolate.

After leaving a rehabilitation facility, it’s normal for someone to feel uncomfortable around certain people. However, if this particular person is making no attempts at making friends or mending their broken relationships, then this can be a clear sign that they’ve relapsed.

  1. They have a negative attitude towards sobriety.

Once your loved one leaves rehab, they might seem a bit proud and even eager to carry on with their journey towards addiction recovery. This is a great thing, and this is something that you would want to see in a recovering addict. However, if you’re noticing that these gestures are slowly fading away, and if they’re no longer attending their support groups, then it might mean that they’ve gone through a relapse.

The road to addiction recovery isn’t easy, but as we’ve said, it isn’t a journey that you’ll have to go through alone. So why not reach out to us at Mallard Lake Detox Center if you feel like your loved one is about to relapse?

We would be more than happy to guide them through this journey, and we will ensure that they obtain long-term sobriety!

So what are you waiting for?

Reach out to us today at Mallard Lake Detox Center!

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