Signs to Identify Crystal Meth Addiction in a Loved One

Signs to Identify Crystal Meth Addiction in a Loved One

Using crystal meth is similar to walking down a slippery slope. It takes no time for the user to reach full-blown meth addiction. Thus, if you are suspecting a loved one of using crystal meth, it is important to be aware of certain signs. Knowing these signs will help you understand their addiction and the kind of help that they need. 

Read further to know more about the signs of crystal meth addiction and how can you help a loved one recover. 

Signs to Identify Crystal Meth Addiction 

Crystal meth, also known as methamphetamine, is a deadly combination of several chemicals. 

Here are some signs to identify crystal meth addiction:

  1. Sores on arms and face 

People abusing meth also develop a habit of picking at their skin. This is a side effect of the drug. The habit of picking then results in sores on the arms, face, and neck. 

  1. Tweaking 

Tweaking or a desperate need to feel high is a stage that occurs at the end of a meth binge. You can identify this by their unusual behaviors like sleeping problems, extreme frustration, paranoia, self-harm, irritated behavior, intense drug cravings, etc. 

  1. Hallucinations 

Continuous use of meth leads to meth-induced psychosis. This further results in impaired neurological pathways or hallucinations in simple terms. The person tends to see, feel or hear things that aren’t real. This can also lead to self-harm or hurting others. 

  1. Extreme and sudden weight loss 

Meth is also known to kill the user’s appetite. This pushes the user’s body towards overdrive or starvation. As result, the user skips meals and loses a lot of weight.  

  1. Sleeping problems 

Prolonged meth use also affects the user’s sleeping cycle. Since the drug is a stimulant, it forces the user to remain awake for long hours. But as the high vanishes, the user crashes and sleeps for days. This crash period can be as long as 3 days in certain cases. 

  1. Dilated pupils and rapid eye movements 

The influence of crystal meth also leads to dilated pupils and disturbed vision. This results in rapid eye movements as the user tries to focus their vision. 

  1. Meth mouth 

This is a distinct sign of meth abuse. Meth mouth is the unhygienic condition of a user’s mouth like decaying teeth and rotting gums. This can be noticed when the user smokes meth. 

If you observe any of these signs in your loved one, make sure to talk to them about their meth use. You can also suggest they attend a meth addiction treatment program at Mallard Lake Detox Center. We are located in Houston and other cities in Texas. Call us now for more assistance. 

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