Measures to Avoid Crystal Meth Relapse

Measures to Avoid Crystal Meth Relapse

Crystal meth addiction is one of the toughest ones to conquer. Several studies prove that a relapse is likely to occur between seven and ten months after concluding the rehab program. Also, the number of patients undergoing a relapse is as high as 80%. Now, the relapse can be of two types. It can either turn into a full-blown addiction like before or it can be a temporary phase. However, the state of relapse in this situation highly depends on the patient. 

Thus, to help you avoid crystal meth addiction relapse, here are some ways you can follow. 

Ways to Prevent Crystal Meth Relapse 

Overcoming crystal meth addiction is difficult. But overcoming a relapse from the same drug is even more difficult. Therefore, here are some ways to prevent a relapse: 

  1. Distance from things associated with drug use 

This mainly includes staying away from people, places, things, and activities that remind you of your drug use. Practicing this will help avoid triggers and relapse.

  1. Have an escape plan ready for any condition 

When you aren’t able to hold your temptations, try to contact a person or go to a place that will help you avoid a relapse. Make an escape plan that will help you from surrendering to the situation. 

  1. Maintain a healthy routine 

A healthy routine mainly includes exercising, eating healthy, and sufficient sleep. Practicing this will help you greatly in regaining your mental and physical health. This in turn will keep you away from all the disturbing thoughts about drugs and addiction. 

  1. Make new friends 

Meeting new people during recovery can help a lot in your journey. But this is only helpful if they support your recovery. Thus, make new friends who understand and respect your situation. They can also become your emergency contacts while experiencing triggers. 

  1. Stay away from all addictive substances 

Not just meth, but you need to distance yourselves from all sorts of substances. This also includes alcohol and other drugs. Doing this will help greatly in preventing a relapse. 

  1. Make a plan and realign your life 

Meth addiction would have likely cost you a lot of your time and money. However, now that you are recovering, you have a chance to make things right. Thus, make a plan and try to regain all those things that you lost on your way to addiction. 

  1. Celebrate your achievements 

Whether it is a small achievement or a bigger one, celebrating it will motivate you to remain sober. 

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